Friday, July 10, 2015

on a summer's day

We should probably cuddle

The places Francine knew in Paris were priceless. Of course, all Josie and Henry could afford was to look.

"Well, I loved that last shop we went into." Josie was giddy, perhaps intoxicated with Paris. Yes, they walked where poets and artists once lived. And of course, they went to all the hot spots that every tourist would want to know.

The day lingered. Even if it was crowded and the morning soon turned hot and practically muggy. Just like home. She picked up more postcards. Of course, Henry found matching I LOVE PARIS Tees that he planned for them to wear on the trip home.

He picked up on everything fashionable as they strolled the crowded streets, but then he'd take her hand, and they would linger in the hustle and bustle around them.

"I wonder if we could ever live here?" He said off the top of his head.

"God, I dunno. Visiting is one" She smiled. It would never happen. The thought made her dizzy. Wasn't it a big enough feat they were back together?

take me home tonight

Molly put on her best face. She was going out with Gage.

"You, are a fool." Her sister informed her that she should leave the poor boy alone, but Molly wasn't listening.

Soon enough she took Gage to a pub, and she bought him a lager that he didn't even ask for.

"Thank you very much, but I don't drink anymore." He sent it back and asked for a juice.

"Really, when has a lager ever hurt anyone?" She winced as if she didn't believe he couldn't have fun.

"I just want to be stronger. And..and I just don't want it." He looked over his shoulder and saw someone was playing an acoustic set on a small stage. He quieted her then. This guy was really good, he told her.

little revelations

Gage could sense it about to happen. Molly was going to make a move, and he had to put up as many obstacles as he could. He kept focused on the singer. His hair was longer than Gage's and he was definitely a genuine artist.

Gage got up as soon as the set was over and made his way to the little stage. No one else hardly knew the set was done.

"Hey." Gage smiled. Instantly, hoping the singer didn't think he was into him. "I have ..this friend..over there...who wants to buy you a drink." He motioned toward Molly.

The singer only smiled. While his cover songs were in beautiful English, well..his native tongue kept slipping through. His name was Mads, and he was from Denmark.

"Denmark." Molly acted as if she was spitting poison, or just a bad taste in her mouth.

"But his name is Mads." Gage grinned as if he needed to stress the fact that Mads was a foreign exchange student. He was going to the University where Molly went to school. "Is that cool or what?" OK, 'what' might have stuck in his throat, but Gage would have chatted Mads up..if he only knew how.

Of course, Mads wasn't saying much.

Thankfully, Gage got a call from Macy. He had to step away for a moment. That's when she told him she was coming to England. She was bringing her grandmother's ashes with her.

"How?" Gage winced hard, wondering how was it possible.

"You're mom's paying for it." She told him.

"My mom?" This was news to him. He didn't want to dare say anything about his mother to Macy. "When? When are you coming?"

It sounded like she would be here the day Halie and Dustin returned from Paris.


cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

I hope this is a turning point for Gage and Macy!


ellie said...

Yes, a definite turning point for Gage and Macy!

deb said...

Oh, I do wonder how it will go when Macy shows up.