Thursday, August 6, 2015

Daisy's new house guest

Daisy's House Guest

It had been such a long July. Daisy thought she might never get home.

She'd visited her mother's people in Seoul. Yes, it was a surprise in its self to get there, but her mother married someone with lots of money to spend on her mother. So she talked Daisy in to going with the baby, so everyone could see.... Daisy was all grown up with a little one.

Actually, it was an amazing trip. Cousins she'd never met welcomed her and took her to all the shops and foodie places, to get lost in. It was exhilarating and exhausting.

She did miss Max.

Of course, she wasn't so sure how he would have fit in. After all, he was graduating this year from high school. Finally.

Oh, she'd heard the giggling. Her relatives looked at Max as just a boy, and Daisy was furious, but she bit her tongue most of the time, since her Korean wasn't quite that good and her mother wanted her to behave herself with her grandparents and all. So she kept smiling, trying to decipher just how they actually felt about her.

In the end, she wondered if they really cared at all. It seemed all they wanted was for her mother's baby brother Gun to come back with them.

Well, her mother wasn't going to let Gun stay with her and her new husband. Something, Daisy didn't know until she got home.

It was true, her mother hadn't changed much. She'd been quite the darling to her parents, but Daisy could see her mom was ready to get back to her own life and have nothing to do with a brother she hardly knew.

"I don't even know how old you are?" Daisy asked one night when Gun came home from the diner. He was a cook and rather diligent and dutiful. But he didn't talk much.

She found out he was only two years older than her and had dropped out of the University.

He'd taken to the basement since it was empty, and he kept his room so neat. Daisy could only imagine what Gun thought of her father's home, who had gladly taken him on at the diner. Yet, Gun asked for nothing.

He was truly a man of few words. Perhaps his broken English was just too broken to want to try, or he didn't like noise.

But he'd taken to Mandy, all smiles saying little things to her, ever so softly. There were a lot of things, she didn't know about Gun, but he liked kids.


Launna said...

It's interesting how people put mask on even with their family.. it's too bad we just can't be ourselves...

cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

Gun sounds like a good guy - despite his semi-creepy name.