Friday, September 18, 2015

All in a days work

All in a days work prt.1

"I'm just frustrated, that's all." Angie wasn't so sure why she was here pouring her heart out to Roman, who was after all, cleaning up the kitchen at Oliver's. They were alone. Not even a customer in sight. "I mean..why..didn't I think to tryout for cheerleading? Student Council? Something." She drew a frown as if he was the only one she could complain too. Sawyer was not very compassionate, lately.

"Its not too late." He shrugged. "I mean, maybe for that...but..but what about theater. I bet you could get in to the musical, coming up. Even so, they always need someone to take money or props, you know..helping out."

She sighed. That was not exactly what she wanted to hear.

She wanted to ask, "Aren't you lonely?" Yet, she didn't. She hadn't seen him with anyone, lately. She still saw him on Saturday mornings for the Farmer's market, but those days were numbered. Winter and snow would be here..possibly by next month.

She wished she had a book to read so she didn't have to look at him, but there he was. Perfect as always. Angie remained straight lipped.

"So, isn't Homecoming this weekend?" He asked out of the blue as he was moping the floor. The kitchen was always first rate. But it seemed to be a continuous effort. She guessed.

Again, she sighed heavily.

"What?" He looked at her.

"Oh, Sawyer." Yes, they were going. Didn't they always? "He'll be all goofy and take up half the dance floor with all his wild dancing. I swear he watched too many 80's movies."

"But isn't that his charm?" Roman smirked. "Hey, just have fun. You're suppose to have fun at these things."

Angie rolled her eyes at Roman's comment. Just then, the door jangled. It was Rico.

All in a Day's Work prt. 2

"What's up?" Roman looked at Rico, knowing he was Caitlin's boyfriend. Of course, she was nowhere in sight. He got a paper cup for Rico so he could have a soda. Roman reached for the last of the sugar cookies. They'd be thrown out soon.

"I don't guess you've heard." Rico shrugged.

"Heard what?" Roman was a little shocked they'd have anything to talk about.

"Caitlin ran off with his cousin. Didn't you know?" Naturally, Angie said it was old news.

Roman only nodded and went back to work. He didn't think he'd be any help.

"I'm sure, you know Caitlin better than I do." Roman finally told him. Honestly, he didn't know her. He never really did. They'd spent such a short time together. It was just the aftermath he remembered of his last prom. "Maybe..maybe she's happy now." He felt quite sad when he said it, but it seemed to be important to her, the running away part. "And..and maybe you'll be OK too. Just not today."

But Rico looked awful grim while he nursed the cold drink. Roman had to admit it. He was glad he'd never been in love with Caitlin.

All in a days work prt. 3

Rico's phone jangled, but it wasn't from Caitlin nor Jesse. The movie theater was calling. He could start working this weekend. Everyone seemed to be going to Homecoming. Could he come in?

Rico was frazzled, but he said yes. It was so hard to be congenial these days, yet he knew he had too.

"Sorry, I bothered you." He didn't know what he was thinking, going to Roman like he did. He wasn't sure what he was searching for, anymore. It felt as if the life he'd gotten used too had now fizzled. Sure, his dad was glad he came home. Yet, he wasn't so sure what Macy's mother really felt about him. He could tell he was just a sore reminder to her. His Dad hadn't stayed true to her.

He went home and told his dad the news about the job. Gabby was at the kitchen table working on some school project.

"I can get family in free the movie theater." He hated to admit his left eye winced hard when he said it.

But she didn't smile. She focused on her work.

"Maybe..maybe some'll want to go." He sighed as if he was trying, but he guessed that wasn't enough.

She finally acknowledged him, but said he didn't have too. As if she might be his burden he wouldn't have to keep.

Rico felt there was no hope in sight, as he went to his room. His eyes burned of grief as he reached for his cell and called Macy.

He wanted to hear her voice. He wanted someone to talk too.

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Launna said...

Awe poor Rico... I hope Macy is there to talk to him...