Friday, September 11, 2015

can't hardly wait

can't hardly wait

Taylor was all smiles. He could hardly believe the news, himself. Then he stared at the screen of his cheap smart phone and wondered why he'd share the information with Vada.  He slipped the phone in his back pocket, doubting she wanted to hear from him.

"This is great." Ben was all cheerful with that silly impish smile of his. "Wow." He gave Taylor a pat on the back.

"Yeap, now I get my own place." He could make some money. He'd even get a compensation for travel. Of course, it was only weekends. He might have been getting ahead of himself.

" with this job..and me at the library." Ben kept smiling.

"Yeah." Taylor wanted to stay on this natural high. He didn't want to break it to him that Ben didn't get paid. They were both on volunteer status here.

"And then..I could move in with you.."

"What?" Taylor looked back at him. Was he for real? The whole point of finding his own place was for it to be his own. So therefore, maybe if he had some money..he could ask someone out. And he had to admit the first person on his list was that girl Sara that he'd met his sister's.

But he looked at Ben, thinking he might be just as ridiculous. Ben was a fool who was so in love with the library, or was it someone?

"Lets go out!" At least he had a friend who was happy for him. Taylor didn't even want to go there with Essie who would be asking him at least a 1000 questions about this job.


cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

I hope Taylor's good luck continues.


Launna said...

I hope this all works out for him... sometimes it is good to live alone xox