Saturday, September 5, 2015

Here We Are

Here We Are

It felt a little weird to be back. Halie guessed it was strange for the three of them. Ren. Clare. Halie.

But Ren made it a party. There were finger foods. Even for Alec, who kept laying on the floor pushing his back legs in an odd way that made him scoot.

"When did this start happening?" Ren smiled as if she couldn't get enough of this show.

"Oh, he does it, sometimes." Halie shrugged.  He didn't crawl like other babies.

"I thought he'd be walking by now." Clare made an observation. Halie looked at her, wanting to know what she meant. "Carson was walking at nine months. What about Gage?"

"I dunno if I really know. I mean, I've seen so many babies." Ren sighed. She got up and pulled out a baby book.

It was like a treasure of some kind. Not just for Halie, but she could see Clare wanted to look through Gage's baby pictures too.

Halie smiled, seeing Alec in every photo. But she could see Clare was holding back tears, Halie looked over her shoulder and there Alec went, fast as he could like an inch worm on his back.

"Yeah, looks like ..nine months." Ren nodded.

Halie sighed. What if there was something wrong with Alec? Wouldn't somebody have told her by now?

"When did you start walking?" Clare's question startled Halie.

"I don't really know." She looked at Clare wide-eyed. "My brother Jules might know. He was like 5 or 7, when I was born." She nursed her bottom lip. She was certain her mother wouldn't have cared to have known back then (according to Jules and her Dad). After all, it was Jules who took care of her then.

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