Sunday, September 20, 2015

it had to be

it had to be

Well, of course her father, her mother, her brother and even Nora came along for the ride on a hot dry September day to bring Caitlin home.

She squinted hard, looking at all of them as if she hardly knew them.

"Why can't I stay?" Her voice was small, but reasonable. Of course, it wasn't until now.... they could see she was a couple of months pregnant, but already looked like she was expecting twins.

"Because, we are not going to let you be out here, all on your own." Her Dad was testy and her mom was shaking her head.

"But I'm not." They were looking at her as if she was on another planet, not a ranch.

Jesse ran a chuck wagon, and he rode broncos and bulls. He even went to clown school. He was an all around cowboy, as far as she was concerned. Besides, his grandpa made them get married a few weeks ago when he learned of her pregnancy. She guessed it was legal, but she doubted her family saw it that way.

She'd always wanted to start her own family. And she wanted it with Jesse. She knew the moment she laid eyes on him. It was her natural instinct. Didn't they know this by now?

But they were going to take her by force. Her Dad grabbed one arm. Her brother the other. They were just going to take her.

Well, she'd go kicking and screaming.

"Don't you dare let me lose this baby!" She was spitting mad.

Gray told their Dad, he better let go and let it be.

"What if Jesse came back with us?" Her mother said.

Caitlin looked at her as if she'd have to think on. She turned to Jesse, who only shrugged.

"I guess." She did miss her bed. It was a lot bigger than the one they were sleeping in, in the bunk house. Yes, she would like to be in the same bed with her husband.

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Launna said...

Sometimes you need to do a 180 degree change when one idea isn't working xox