Saturday, October 24, 2015

just what you want to hear

I think about it now

It was Taylor to the rescue that day with Caden and the dirty pamper. He'd stuck him in the shower to clean him up. Honestly, it was the last thing Taylor ever thought he'd be doing.

Of course, it was Mae who took him to the pool. He could see then, she didn't want to let go.

"But you..will tell him the truth? Right?" Taylor looked at Ben and Mae, that it was best just to make a clean slate of all this. Caden was old enough to know, and if he felt safe enough...

"I'm not his mommy." Mae was the first to admit, yet she very well was.

"Well, you better get every relative on board with you." Taylor could see, already that Caden was ready to fall back in his baby ways. "You, better tell your mother about this, Ben."

Ben was a little out of sorts. He'd never changed a pamper before. Well, Taylor took care of that. Although, Caden was much bigger than the infant he was used to taking care of.

"I think you just want to make this hard on yourself." There Taylor went again, trying to reason just why they had to be so, in a pout about the situation.

"You two need her. She'll help. She'll probably be thrilled to know that Ben has a son." Taylor pointed out.

Three days later they got up the courage to tell her. And she was ecstatic.

Still there was a lot to figure out, but at least now there was someone who could take care of Caden while everyone was at work. might get better

Mae wasn't waiting for someone to tell her everything was going to be OK. It wasn't. It never would be.

1. Karl (Sadie's Rocker Musician/Husband) was broke. The last she heard, was that he went to Branson, Missouri. Mae couldn't think that would help someone on the punk rock scene.

2. Her sister was so depressed and even suicidal. Mae wasn't sure she'd ever actually get to speak to her.

3. Caden was so quiet. What if something was terribly wrong? Then he'd jump on the bed. Even peed on all her favorite magazines. She swore he must have been a dog in another live. He'd even chewed on a DVD case from the library. Here she was hoping he loved Dora the Explorer (and he said he did!) Then to find what he'd done. Oh, those woeful eyes of his. Looking up at her, just like Ben did. He was always on Caden's side.

"Then you stay up... all night with him!" Oh, it was too soon to go back to work. But she had no choice.

And now she wanted a night away from him, but she wasn't quite sure she could let him go and stay at Ben and Taylor's. She needed Caden. But did she really?

Next thing she knew Ben was packed up and staying the night at her place.

"Well, he really likes it here. He says he misses you." Ben told her.

Mae's fist were on her hips and she was in a pout. It was so very unlikely that Caden said that. But his impish smile surfaced. Then he told her they needed to go to Gammy's house and have the bestest grilled cheese sandwich in the world.

"Well, she does make a good grilled cheese." Ben admitted.

Of course, Mae was too tired to argue.


cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

Yes to the 'bestest grilled cheese sandwich'. :)


Launna said...

It sounds like Mae is torn about Caden... I hope she gets a little time to herself ...