Thursday, October 29, 2015

Party plans

You & Me

Bree could hardly wait for Halloween.

"What's the catch?" Connor wanted to know as she piled her books on top of his while they walked to class.

"Well," She guessed she could tell him, but had her doubts about going. "There's this party." She smiled.

"A party?" He looked at her as if she had to be kidding.

"Its not like its the A-list, you know. I mean,..its Halloween." She smiled, she could dress up like Lady Gaga or even Madonna.

"How do you know about all this stuff?" He winced as if he was a party pooper, after all.

"Because, I listen." It was something seldom he ever did. Sure there were lots of things she loved about Connor. Loyal. Best Friend and kisser. But he never seemed to know anything about what was going on at school.

"And you're invited?" She shrugged. "Its just a party." She walked on down the crowded hallway of the school with him.

"Please don't make me regret this." He sighed. She only smiled. Happy they'd have something to do this Halloween.

Halloween party plans

It was lunch and Gabby felt she'd already been roped into going to the party with Bree and Connor. "I'm only going if you're going." It sounded like trouble to her, but she was not going to say it.

"OK. I'll go." Will was somber as usual, only eating a yogurt.

She really wished he ate more. She didn't know why he didn't actually eat in the cafeteria, but he'd appear with a cup of yogurt and his favorite soup spoon.

In the beginning she thought she might starve to death, being with him. Now she ate her roll from the school lunch. It was after all comfort food. And she never passed up mac and cheese, even at the school cafeteria. Will would remind her on those days it was a choice. He didn't mind what she ate. He stuck with his yogurt.

"What are you wearing?" He wanted to know.

"I dunno." She shrugged. "I don't even know if its a costume party."

"We have to dress up. I've always wanted to dress up on Halloween." He told her he was never allow, especially, since he went to boarding school. "Now I can be Andy Biersack or a vampire. Maybe both."

She'd never seen him this animated. Gabby couldn't help but smile. Oh, there was nothing to be afraid about Will. Why had she? It was her night to be as Goth as she wanted to be.

and then...

"What!" There were a lot of reasons why Rico wasn't in a good mood.

1. he'd spotted a very pregnant Caitlin with his cousin Jesse. He'd heard they were married and now lived with Caitlin's parents.
2. he didn't feel social these days and things with Lizzie were not all that good at work. She could be a pest, but usually she was the problem when it came to popcorn, burning pretzels or even keeping the frozen drinks frozen. And she didn't like to be reprimanded.
3. he couldn't decide if he hated her or might actually want to go out with her.
4. he didn't have to work Halloween and now his step-mom was asking him to take Gabby and her boyfriend to some Halloween party.

"Don't use that tone with your mother." His dad looked over at him at dinner.

Rico wasn't sure if he could even finish dinner. He looked at his Dad then his step-mom. He wouldn't dare look at Gabby, who of course, looked as if she'd lost every friend she'd ever had.

"But Dad-"

"No, you need to make sure Gabby stays safe." His dad looked at him as if it were his duty.

"Since when.."

His dad didn't want to hear it.

"You'll take Gabby and Will to that party." His dad's eyes lit as if he was a robot now under his step-mother's command.


Jade Wright said...

Hey Ellie,

As a novelist myself I must say I so appreciate the fact that you share your stories with the world :)
I wish I did that via my blog more often too. It's just a great way to get feedback and positiveness about your work.
You're a good writer! Really well done for having the courage to a) WRITE! b) share it! and c) be good at it :)

Is there going to be more to this story?? Would love it to continue.

New follower!

Hope to keep in touch :D


cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

I hope Halloween lives up to all of their expectations!


Launna said...

It sounds like a great Halloween party, I do hope there will be a few adults there, just incase something happens :-)

Anonymous said...

Whoa! Nice story!