Tuesday, October 27, 2015



Halie could hardly keep it in. She was so excited. She got the job at the library (it was only part-time), but wouldn't start at the library until November.

She hated to mention it to her dear sweet brother who had given her a job at the Campus Coffee Shop, but she'd have to give him notice. She did her best not to smile too much about it. But as soon as she found Josie, Halie took both of her arms and whirled her around with a squeal of delight, behind the counter.


"Celebrate?" Josie looked at her wide eyed, yet ever so tired.

"I got the job." She whispered.

Josie only sighed and hugged herself as if she really wasn't up for this.

"What's wrong?" Halie wanted to know.

Josie only gave her a yawn.

"I should go home."


"I mean my mother's house. I need some sleep." Josie shrugged ever so sleepily.

"Oh." Now Halie tensed. "Did you and Henry break up?"

"No." Josie winced hard. However, Josie did look exhausted. "I just need real sleep..so..I dunno..I'll be ready for..another restless night." She yawned as if she truly meant it.

"What's going on?" Naturally, Josie would make this about her. Halie felt as if she was always there for her, but Josie was never ever there for her. Especially, this. A new job as a library clerk.

"Oh, its probably nothing. We..we've just had something..keeping us up, the last few nights." Josie went to get coffee. She drank it black. "We ..think it could be a ghost."

"Are you kidding me?"

"No, its the truth. We found out somebody was murdered in our building. A long time ago. Its just..I've had dreams about this girl. And, and Henry has too. She likes to watch us sleep, but she keeps crying." Josie winced.

"Oh, you two. You're ridiculous." Halie shook her head. "Ever think, someone might be having sex next door..in the middle of the night? Those walls are awful thin." Halie looked at her, ever so serious.

"What?" Josie made a face of disgust. "NO."


cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

Halie's got a crazy way of thinking. :/


Launna said...

Halie shouldn't just be into herself...