Monday, November 30, 2015

little tremors

This Christmas

Sara had a lot to think over. She wanted to think about Taylor's family. There were so many questions. Taylor's real dad wasn't with his mother, but with his aunt.

A part of her was furious with his family. Taylor's dad didn't even speak to him, and Taylor didn't have anything to do with him, either. It was like they were strangers.

She'd been quiet through her own family dinner. In fact, she started crying before they ever got to dessert.

Of course her mother was worried. She thought Taylor had done something to her.

"Is he..Is he rough with bed?" Her mother looked horrified when they were in the kitchen, alone.

"Mom! Shut up!" She hadn't expected the conversation to go that way.

Now she cracked up with laughter while she was on break at work. It was funny to think her mother would think of Taylor that way. No, he was gentle and she felt warm with him, long after. She liked being in his presence. And she'd slept in comfort.

 She text Taylor, to see what he was up too. He was out taking down Thanksgiving advertising and putting up Christmas displays of Pepsi products in various grocery stores around town.

Sara did her best to be patience, but she did want to hear from him.

She was back to tears, again. It was true. She was all he had, or would have.

There were so many things she was going to have to do better. But what could she do?

"Can we just have Christmas at my parents, this year?" She texted him.

"Don't see why not. " He texted back as if he wasn't thinking of any other place to spend Christmas.

She cleared her throat, hoping her Mom wouldn't think she was crying again when she called her.

"Mom? How do you roast a chicken?" She asked first thing.

"Why would YOU want to know?" Her mother didn't think she wanted to cook.

"I have to learn to cook. I have too." She winced, hoping she didn't cry more. Yes, maybe she really did love Taylor. But it was so different, from the love she'd felt for Max or even Hansen.


cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

I like where the storyline between Sara and Taylor is going! :)


ellie said...

I'm happy to hear that you like the way the story is going. Thanks!