Saturday, November 28, 2015

Vada verses Lottie

don't they know....

Vada was so upset, she took over Alo's bed.

He'd left her alone to go talk with Roman. What in the world would they have to talk about? Alo would never talk about her. He better not mention any of the Thanksgiving fiasco to Roman. Especially, about the fight she had with Lottie.

She flopped on her stomach and screamed silently into his pillow. And she began to cry. Her brother was having sex with Lottie. She just knew it.

Lottie wormed her way in. She'd slept with Frankie the night before, at Vada's parents house.

What did they care? They were so shocked about the news about Henry and Josie's baby, those two had a bottle of wine and went off to the den which Vada never went too. That's where her Dad listened to his jazz records and sometimes, played his sexaphone to the songs. Of course, they probably doing IT.

Vada's eyes lit. Everyone was DOING IT but her and Alo.

She sat up and rubbed the tears from her burning eyes. She eased out of her pout and cleared her throat. Vada go up and opened the door.

"Alo, get up here. Right now! We're doing something tonight!"

hey now

"Oh, isn't it fun to sleep together?" Lottie was all grins. She'd held on to Frankie all night. And he didn't move once. Of course, she had on her PJ's he had on a tank and some sleep pants. It wasn't nasty at all.

Of course, she talked so much, Frankie fell asleep listening.

He smelled like chicken and dumplings. She told him too. Then she wanted to know what she smelled like. He said apple pie.

Oh, she did love him. She did love being this close to him.

Frankie's parents hadn't even noticed.

Of course, she hoped they knew where Vada was going. Was she suppose to be spending the night with Alo?

Lottie smiled with mischief. She did have something to share. But she wasn't sharing  Frankie with anyone.

Just the two of us

Truth be told, Frankie would be happy to get his bed back. He doubted he would get any sleep tonight, again.

This time in their make out time, she bit him on the chest. And he almost said ENOUGH. No way was she finding anything else to bite.

Then his cell went off. To his surprise it was Alo. He got up to take the call while Lottie laid in bed in her pink Hello Kitty PJs.

"Could you... just tell your sister that you're not having sex with your girlfriend?" Alo asked.

"What?" Frankie looked wide-eyed. He heard Vada crying on the phone.

"Please don't do anything with her!"

"We're not doing all that much." He kept his voice low. Sometimes, they just bonked each other's noses when they tried to kiss, but then he wouldn't want to do that with anyone else. "She's already in bed. Did you need to talk to her?"

"NO." Vada told him she never wanted to speak to her again, and if he was smart..he would leave, right now.

Frankie listened while he watched Lottie, who was making silly faces at him. A tickle got caught in his throat, and he laughed.

Nobody could make him laugh like Lottie.

"What's so funny?" Vada wanted to know.

"Nothing." He couldn't help but laugh more. "She's..she's acting like a cat, right now."

"A cat?" Vada was really upset.

"You, just have fun with Alo, OK? Everything is fine here." He told his sister and cut her off before she could say anything else.

Frankie did love when Lottie held on to him. And she liked to kiss his eyelids, too. Really, he'd never had anyone care about him, like she did.

Besides, who else was there? Who let him practice so much French kissing. After all, one day they would go to Paris and kiss under the Eiffel Tower.


cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

Kissing under the Eiffel Tower does sound incredibly magical!


Launna said...

I think Vada has to let Frankie live his life and she shouldn't jusf intimate because she thinks everyone else is...