Wednesday, November 18, 2015

what's a girl to do

a mind of her own

"You, look so tired," Barry said, as his hands held on to Charlie's shoulders. "I knew, you were going to do too much today."

"Well, I needed to get it done." She yawned. "I'm OK, I could make you eggs or something."

"No, if anyone is going to make anything. It'll be me." He lead her to the kitchen table and sat her down. "I'm going to make you a BLT."

"But they say those things could kill you." She slightly scowled.

"Its turkey bacon." He promised as he went to the fridge to look for the lettuce and tomato and of course, THE MIRACLE WHIP.

Lily waltzed in with her Barbies. They were in wedding attire and they were kissing.

"What are you doing? You never play with Barbies." Charlie turned to her wondering what else she'd gotten into, after their move from Carson's.

"Because they were at the top of the closet and no one would ever get them down for me." She looked at Charlie as if she really was a girly girl and need some Barbie time.

"Oh, really? Well, you never asked-"

"I want my Barbies to get married." Lily then informed her.

Suddenly, Charlie felt it was a wake-up call. "Are you really talking about Barbies now?" She'd never really thought of Lily so blinded by such materialistic things before. True, some did think Lily was going into middle school instead of first grade. There was something so grownup about her. It was hard for Charlie to see a little girl, anymore.

"Why yes I am." She said in her most sweet southern accent. "This is Beau and this Bella." She put the two dolls together, making kissing noises. "Somebody has to get married around here."

Charlie rolled her eyes at that, trying not to get in a spat with a six year old, over a wedding for dolls.

"I think its time for them to sleep." She knew she wanted too, but the idea of sleeping with Lily was what possibly kept her up. It would start out fine. But four hours in, Lily was kicking and talking in her sleep.

Charlie could barely keep her eyes open.

"Why don't you sleep with Barry tonight." Naturally, Lily had a solution for everything.

Charlie shook her head, no.

"You weren't married to Carson and you slept with him." Lily was serious.

"But I might talk in my sleep or..I could kick him." Charlie shrugged as she helped Lily back to her room which she called her own now. Posters of her favorite boy band was everywhere.

"You don't ever do that." Lily promised.

"So, you've noticed."

Lily just smiled and batted her big lashes, as if she had a plan for everything.


cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

I imagine Lily does, indeed, have a plan for everything.


ivy said...

Oh, she is something. I wonder how she will be when she grows up?

Sara-h Jane said...

I am so very behind on this story :(