Saturday, December 19, 2015

Bad Blood

You know it used to be mad love

For the last time, nobody was going to call him, Daddy.

Joey was finished with Becca. They were done. No reason to ever see each other, again.

So he had to pull his biggest fit yet. Hoping she'd get the message.

After all, her so called ex had sent him quite a few pics and and video on his phone of Becca's summer with Chelsea.

He'd done his best to hide from Becca the last week or so. He hung out at Xander's.

There had been a lot screaming going on at Joey's place. And he was exhausted now.

Perhaps it was only a reprieve and she'd be back wanting something. Thank God, they didn't live together.

Becca was going to be a tattoo artist, only no one wanted her. She had a way of working when she wanted too. And of course, there were her angry moods brewing.

Why in the world did he go out with her... for so long?

OK, it was true. He was scared of her. And there was a time or two he thought he might lose his job,...because of her.

Even if she said he couldn't live without her, he knew he could.

But he felt all jittery. His heart was hammering. He just wanted to get away, so he high tailed it to Xander's. Only he wasn't home.

Joey winced hard and gritted harder. It was cold and getting dark. He brought up Xander's number on his cell and called.

He never thought Xander would answer, but he finally did.

"Hi." He just said.

"Where are you?" Even Joey's ears ached. He was sure to be coming down with something. He'd used all his energy on arguing with Becca.

"I'm babysitting for a friend." He said ever so calm. Yes, Xander had that affect on people. Keeping them calm.

"What..would it be all right if..if I stopped over?" He wanted the address.

"You're not drinking, are you?" Xander asked.

"What?" His voice rose as if he might be in the middle of another attack from Becca, who didn't like anything about him, sometimes. "No. Jesus ...NO."

How could Xander even ask a question like that?

"All right." He gave in. Finally.

Joey felt better, just hearing Xander's voice. He'd be over shortly.

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cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

Joey may need to be more trusting of Xander.