Friday, December 4, 2015

bah humbug!

bah humbug!

"I haven't seen you in ages?" Mae's question baffled Gun, who wasn't exactly expecting her at the checkout at the library. She mentioned a lot of people were sick, but she'd gotten her flu shot.

"Yeah, busy I guess." He winced, waiting for her to pull the lock sticks out of the DVDs he wanted to watch. All he had at his room at the Boarding house was a laptop that someone had given it to him so he wouldn't be completely bored out of his mind.

"Well, the times I've been by the diner, you weren't there." She informed him.

"You, sure?" He thought he was always there. Of course, he'd hit some highs and then lows with Xander. That had fallen through. They would not be roommates, maybe not even friends, anymore. Although, he hadn't intended for it to come to such terms. It wasn't they hated each other. Just giving each other space. And well, he guessed he did have a lot of reflecting to do. Although, he'd never reflected all that much in his life, so he wasn't sure how to do it properly. He'd gotten a self help book, but he didn't want to read it.

She nodded. She looked at him, as if she was waiting for him to ask something else, but he wouldn't ask her out. No, he wouldn't do her much good.

"So do we need to update your address?" She'd mentioned about meeting Xander. She showed him her nails. "Had them done before Thanksgiving." She smiled. Naturally, her nails looked as if they were done a few minutes ago. "Anyway, he were his roommate."

"Uh, not.." He shook his head, but he went on to fill out a form with the boarding house address. " didn't work out."

"Sometimes, its not a good idea to be with someone know too much about." She smiled and went to change the information on the computer in front of her. "Maybe, this is good for you. You know, being all on your own."

"I live in a house, full of people." He didn't see that being on his own.

"Oh, but you need people." She was naturally positive.

He nodded, but took a step back. Someone else needed to check out. He felt a little numb, thinking it would be best not to dwell, that he'd be nothing like she expected. He didn't want to be that guy, Xander claimed he was.


cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

Maybe he should think about opening up to Mae a bit - she's a good listener.


Launna said...

I too really think Mae would be good for Xander ...