Wednesday, December 16, 2015

finding the pieces

finding the pieces

Making a sleeping mat wasn't the easiest thing to do. And Josie liked to crochet.

Of course, a few promised they'd come over and cut plastic bags, put the strips together to make into a plastic yarn..until it was a big ball. But all she had were the bags and no yarn for the project.

Even Halie said she'd get Gage to do it, but he was working extra hours now, at the grocery store. Of course, Halie wasn't going to do it. No, she wanted to come over and tell her all about the people she worked with.

Josie was beginning to think Halie hated everyone. But when she saw her at the library, she was super nice.

Josie tried not to think about her best friend. Naturally, Daisy was deep in studies. She hoped they'd see each other during the holidays. Even Henry was out shopping with his brother Aidan.

But Xander came over when he said he would. It was six and there were too many trash-bags of plastic grocery bags in her apartment. The kitchen table was clean. All he needed to do was flatten the bag, cut the ends, fold, cut.

That went on for a good twenty minutes.

"Are you tired yet?" About now, Henry would be saying he need to put the loops together, or maybe it was time for tea, or..lets put on some music. This would mean some free style dancing and then..well, the plastic yarn was forgotten about.

"No. Not at all." He was a diligent cutter and the strips were even. He was practically a machine.

"I don't want you to do anymore." She told him after about an hour and two trash bags later. "You'll hurt yourself."

"I'm fine." He sounded as if this was the best recipe for life. Flatten, cut, cut strips. Next.

"What's the matter?" She wanted to know. He wasn't talking. He was working so quiet. She felt she had to crochet faster.

"Why? Why would anything be the matter?" He sighed as he went to the next bag. But she told him to stop, there was a next step.

"There's a next step?" He did look hurt that there was more to the yarn than what he was doing.

"Tell me..about that guy J? He's been over, hasn't he?" She knew they watched TV together. She could hear the guy laugh.

"Oh." He looked at her as if he hadn't meant to have anyone over, without her permission.

 "So are you going out?"

He shook his head, no. "He's about as a Gun..ever was."  Xander let slip.

"What?" Josie winced with a smile.

"He eats. Even farts and stays late..and leaves me... to clean it all up." Xander gritted.

"Maybe you should explain, that you aren't his wife, or anything." Josie shrugged as she started to show him how the loops slipped together to form the yarn.

"Look, we are not going out. Its not like that. I think he has a girlfriend. Maybe..maybe he just doesn't like being alone." Xander looked kind of sad.

"He does know you like guys, right?" Josie asked.

"It hasn't came up. And..and after..last time..with Gun..well..I know he thinks I'm a bitch, of some kind." Xander sighed heavily. "See, when we were alone, he was very much...what I'd hoped for in a boyfriend. soon as we were in public, he didn't want to acknowledge being his significant other. I get, that its hard for him to accept the fact the way he is..but still...anyway, I'm just trying to be Joey's friend, but I dunno...maybe..maybe I need to do more. You know, not make it so easy for him, being home all the time."

Xander caught on fast how the loops attached to make the yarn. He also figured out how to keep them even. and straight.

Josie smiled and went back to crocheting. Maybe this was the job Xander needed.


Launna said...

Xander really shouldn't let people walk all over him... easier said then done...

cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

Xander's an all right guy - I wish he could find someone who would treat him well.