Monday, December 21, 2015

Giving back

Giving Back

Syreeta was heart broken when she found out about Fish at Thanksgiving. She didn't even think her family knew he was wearing a cast on his leg.

"You, should have told me." She said on face chat. It didn't feel like Christmas, without him.

"And what could you have done?" He looked straight at her with that broad smile of his, like he always did at every weekly chat.

"I dunno." She was full of tears.

He asked about her boyfriend. He told her not to cry. There was nothing to cry about. So there was a deficiency of some sort he had, due to long term meds, but there were a lot of people worse off.

He asked her if she'd bought any Christmas presents yet.

"Shan and I did some shopping, mainly for this charity at work. It was a lot of  fun. Toys, actually for boys." He smiled. "We had a great time, remembering what were fond of, on Christmas morning when we were growing up."

Syreeta sighed. She thought then, maybe she'd feel better if she bought something for someone in need. She was sure Clive would go with her. Maybe she'd get used to Fish with a cane, too.


Recently I participated in a blog swap! This year is was with the wonderful Erika .

Nothing like getting a package in the mail from someone who knows so much about a blog swap. She's had this at her blog for a few years now. 

You have a $25.00 limit for your gift. And Erika certainly knows how to pack a package of goodness. This included a brownie mix, a book and other girly things for Christmas.

Yes, she really knows how to find the Christmas cheer. Its hard to say which is my favorite thing. I wouldn't have thought of appetizer plates! They are so adorable. And the ornaments are wonderful too. One even had nail polish from CIATE in it! It was great to get the hot chocolate and lippy too!

And of course JINGLE BOY which I wrote more about HERE....

Thank you Erika for the wonderful package!

out and about

Vada was surprised to see Cody. She barely recognized him, but he was with his girlfriend Ruby, out shopping at the local department store.

Vada asked him how it was going.

"Same old..same old." His smile was sincere, but she thought of him more mature now, even if he was more of a shaggy mix, a little hipster yet indie, too. "We're out doing some shopping for these little kids who want to get their Moms something." He and Ruby worked at a kitchen for the homeless during Thanksgiving. "We liked it so much, we thought we would do this, too."

And it looked like they were enjoying finding those items on the list.

Vada found them inspiring.

"Could I buy something, for..for the shelter?" She wanted to know.

"They always need socks." Cody told her.

"Gloves, hats and scarves, too." Ruby smiled.

Vada was ready to shop now. No more being in a slump and procrastinating about Christmas. Of course, she almost forgot she was here to buy Frankie a gift. She had no idea what to get her brother for Christmas.


cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

Nothing will get you in the spirit, or conjure up memories of Christmas past like shopping for kids!

So glad to hear that you enjoyed the package lovely - I had such a good time putting it together!


Launna said...

Christmas is the most special when you do it for children.. once my youngest is grown up I will be spoiling my grandchildren more xox