Thursday, December 10, 2015

So Happy Together

So Happy Together

Gage wanted to celebrate with someone. He'd gotten a raise at work, and more hours. He knew he wouldn't be doing much celebrating, but Halie mentioned how she hadn't seen Josie, lately.

"I hope we didn't surprise you, too bad." He winced now, knowing he wasn't nearly as mature as he thought he was. "I should have called."

"'s OK." Henry told them she felt OK. Josie was asking for Cheese pizza.

"I think we've got that covered." He smiled. Gage looked to Halie, who nodded. She popped open the lid to the cheese pizza.

"So, I guess you got through the holiday?" Gage wondered if they were out of town, maybe out on the slopes.

"No." This cracked up Henry. "You think I ski, or something?"

"I didn't know. I mean, I thought, you might go somewhere for Christmas." He hadn't meant to bring up, anything.

"No, Aidan and I are sending Mom and Dad to Florida, in January, for a couple of weeks." Henry shrugged.

Finally, Josie made her presence. She was in a slouchy cardigan over some leggings and sporting her furry Uggs.

"Gage got a raise." Henry said right away to Josie, "And we're having a baby." Henry smiled as he put his arm around Josie.

Laughter was in the air. Halie hugged Josie. Gage wasn't quite sure what to do, but to shake Henry's hand.


cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

I wish Josie could be happier right now.


Launna said...

I am happy for Henry, I hope Josie starts feeling better soon...those first few months of pregnancy are hard ...