Wednesday, December 30, 2015

the end of the beginning

The end of the beginning

Christmas eve turned in to Christmas day, too fast! And Holden drove to his parents in the middle of the the opportunity was there. Jung spent the night at Irma's.

Best Christmas ever! It didn't take much for Irma to decide on this. After all, he was who she wanted to be with. They were old enough to be on their own.

Actually, she was surprised he stayed. Jung turned off his phone. If his family called, they'd never know. And for a few hours, all was bliss and a happily ever after.

Irma could get used to this life. Yes, it was something she'd wanted...on so many occasions. She was beginning to think Jung wasn't really human. After all, he was perfection.

It was true, neither could wipe that silly grin away. Oh, if only it could have lasted another day.

But his older brother Jin showed up, when they were having tea and cookies for breakfast. Naturally, he was furious with Jung. Irma had never seen anyone, so rough with Jung before. She pushed his brother off Jung. She wouldn't let his brother hurt him.

"He isn't going with you!" She was certain Jung would get beat up, if he went home. She couldn't bare to let someone be so tough with him. After all, her true love was deaf. She had to look out for him.

Of course, Jin wouldn't say a word to her. He looked at her as if she better let him take Jung, but she wasn't giving him up. She would do what she could to support Jung, in every way. Even a fist fight!

"He doesn't need you anymore!" She told Jin.

His smile was sly. He shook his head, no.

"He's not your family! He's my little brother!" He was serious. "We have to stick together."

Irma winced. What was he getting at? He couldn't always be there for Jung? Could he?


cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

Definite fighting words right there. :/


Launna said...

I love how Irma is standing up to him...