Thursday, December 24, 2015

The Ugly Sweater Party

The Ugly Sweater Party

They were cutting it close.

"Were we nuts?" Mae asked Ben as she was making sure there was more ice in the freezer. They had a standing room only party and the guests were getting restless.

"Why are you asking me this?" He put some more cups out for punch.

"Well, it sounded so good, a Christmas party on Christmas Eve." She shrugged. Only, everyone was getting hot in those Ugly sweaters.

"What am I gonna do?" She didn't even like to play games at parties. "Everyone is so bored."

There were people here she didn't even know. Friends of Sara's. But there was Sam, smiling and giggling. The life of the party.

"Did Sky bring his guitar?" Ben looked to Mae. Of course, she hated the idea. Why did she hate Sam so much? She didn't know, exactly. It might have to do with the fact that Sam's life was so fantastic, and she never had a bad day.

Mae gave him the eye, but Ben didn't pay her any mind. He went to find Sky.

Next thing, they were making room for them, while everyone got situated in the livingroom, on the floor.

Mae didn't like the looks of this. She sighed.

Yes, they were going to sing. Christmas songs to Lana Del Rey tunes.

Ben found Mae and smiled.

"Its a first." He put his arm around her. She sighed back with a smile.

They didn't have Caden tonight. He was with his grandparents.

They listened to Sam's voice.

"She is really good." Mae had to admit. Yes, it would be her unknowingly arch nemesis that saved the Ugly Sweater Party.

Not another party

Xander needed a breath of fresh air. It was stifling in Mae's apartment at her Ugly Sweater  party. Usually, he was cool and collected, but he was in a sweat now. Alone, and wishing he hadn't come.

Josie and Henry bailed last minute. Henry had a headache and feared he might have a seizure. J went out with Becca. Even if he swore he wouldn't, Xander knew he would.

Yes, they'd decorated his apartment. All red and green. Now it felt so artificial, even if the tree was real.

Why had he ever hoped there would be anything with Joey? Honestly, he did want to be his friend, but he knew Joey only had time for Xander...when he had the time, and he wouldn't have the time with Becca around.

Gun wasn't even here. Xander actually hoped he would be.

Sometimes, he dreamed he'd see Gun happy with Mae. Even if he didn't want that to actually happen, a part of him did want Gun to be happy. Yet, Xander felt he was on Team Ben (He didn't even know the guy, but he knew Caden and he knew how much he loved Mae and Ben together). So much for being Gun's best friend.

That was so long ago.

His cell rang. He didn't recognize the number.


"Xander? Right?"

"Uh, who's this?"

"Simon. Remember?"

Xander froze. He had no idea who Simon was. What was he talking about?

"Thanksgiving. I'm your brother. Well, half-brother. Nessa's son. We didn't actually meet, cause I had to go to my girlfriend's for Thanksgiving."

Xander winced more.

"Nessa's worried about you. But she won't call. She hasn't heard from you...and well, can you come over? Its Christmas." Simon said.

"Sure." Xander said quick enough. He felt bad he hadn't gotten anyone in his family anything. " Dad there?" Xander wasn't sure if he wanted to go, though.

"Another business trip." Simon told him.

Xander sighed. Maybe he felt like celebrating Christmas with them, after all.


cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

I hope that Xander and Simon have a chance to bond!


Launna said...

I'm glad Xander is going to have a chance to know his family xox