Saturday, January 30, 2016

and then

and then

Will was beginning to think Clare might be an instigator.

She brought Randy home and within 8 hours, his grandmother was packing up to fly home.

"That was a dirty trick." He told her. Or maybe it was the fact, he didn't like living with Gabby's ex-boyfriend.

"He needed a place to stay." Clare gave Randy his own room. It wasn't like Will had to share his room with him. "Life goes on, and I guess your grandmother thought she could shut the whole world out. Even here." Clare didn't wait on her much. His grandmother hated the food here. She was rude to everyone. Even his dad. "I can't worry about her. She, doesn't seem to like it, anyway." They both knew there was no way to satisfy her.

"But what did Randy say?" As it was, Will hadn't spoken to him. He'd taken refuge in the kitchen with Clare who was tending to a casserole to cook.

"Not a lot." She looked up, and Randy was right behind Will. "Maybe you two should talk."

Will turned around and looked at Randy as if it would be impossible to say anything.

All Randy said was "Hey" and a slight wave. He was wearing some of Will's clothes.

Will sucked in a breath. He kept staring. Clare left the kitchen.

"You know, Gabby's..Gabby's pretty special to me." Will winced, thinking it was a lousy thing to say. As if they might be two old cowboys discussing a bar maid.

Randy nodded. "Yeah, she's cool."

Will sighed.

"Is that all you can think to say?" Will shook his head, thinking Randy was quite generic, after all. "Haven't your read her stories? Or looked at the pictures she draws?"

Randy only shrugged and shook his head, no.

It was true. They were from different worlds. Will was sure he knew Gabby in a way that Randy never would.


cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

Randy shouldn't be so sure.


Launna said...

I think Will knows Gabby well...