Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Here we are

Here WE Are

"Isn't that what virgins wear, or something?" Mae noticed the ring on the silver chain around Xander's neck. The slogan "True Love Waits" was engraved on it.  As it was, he was nipping away all that dry stuff around Mae's nails. She knew it should hurt, but it didn't. Not when he did it.

He only cleared his throat, as if he was not at a stopping point.

"You know, what I mean, those real religious types, wear them." She guessed his friend had meant it as a joke. She smiled.

He smiled back.

"J didn't really have time to go Christmas shopping." Xander finally explained. "But..." He sighed as if he might wear the ring for perhaps the rest of the week, then put it away, like he would Christmas ornaments. "Oh well..you know.."

"No, I really don't know." She shrugged. "So your Christmas was good?"

He nodded. "How about yours?" She studied his pristine face. His hair was neatly tied back. Not a strand straying.

"God, Caden got way too many toys. I told him, they'd keep at Granny's house, not our little apartment." She didn't really want to talk about Caden. This was her place to get away. at the nail salon.

"And how about you?" He wanted to know, as he studied each finger like a scientist.

"Ben, got me grownup coloring books and markers. He even got this little cady thing and filled it up with makeup. I don't even wear that much makeup." She didn't want to like the present, but deep down, she did.

"What did you want, for Christmas?" Xander asked as he pulled the other hand out of the warm water solution and began clipping at those nails.

"I dunno. That's just it, I feel like I've got this big space in my head..of nothing." She did feel a little sad about it. Wondering, had she always been this way? A part of her was waiting for the passion to come and ignite her, but it was never really there. "I'm afraid to ask..what's wrong with me." Her frown was ever so round, deep in thought.

"Well, the little things do mean a lot." Xander told her. "Enjoy them, but don't stress out, about them."


cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

Some wise words from Xander!


Launna said...

Xander is pretty smart... it doesn't sound like Mae is sure about what she wants...