Sunday, January 10, 2016

like a shark attack

like a shark attack

Xander spotted Gun first, when they got to the diner. A part of him imagined, he was actually trying to make Gun jealous. But..he really didn't want to...or did he?

Xander took a deep breath. But then he spotted, Gun at the door of the kitchen. Gun seemed a little too happy to see someone. His smile was so quick. And she..she was so terribly close. And they kissed. Right there at the diner.

Of course, Xander  imagined he was the only one to notice. Joey found them a booth. He motioned him over.

Xander thought he was going to be physically ill, but he managed to sit across from Joey.

"Well, they are busy." Joey shrugged.

Soon enough, Daisy came over with some menus. She remembered Xander. She made small talk. It wasn't long until her significant other came over, too. He brought water.

"Max, you remember Xander, don't you? Gun's friend," Daisy said and Max only smiled with a nod.

"Should I get, Gun?" Daisy asked.

"No." Xander shot in an answer before he meant too. "You, guys are so busy..I couldn't..I..don't ..think.." He shook his head, no, but guess who arrived with a fresh sucker in his mouth?

Naturally, Gun looked Joey over, as if he might be sizing him up, possibly ready to beat him to a pulp. He was never one, much for words.

Xander did his best to make quick introductions. "I used to know Gun, back home. We went to school together."

Gun only nodded with his arms crossed. Finally, he looked at Xander and mumbled something like "Later."

Xander only winced hard, wondering if Gun actually meant it. He didn't think so. Probably, the last word he'd ever speak to him.

Xander looked over the menu.

Max came back with a Pepsi product for Joey and iced tea for Xander.

"Ready to order?"

Joey wanted chicken fried steak with no gravy and fries. Xander went for the soup and salad bar. He really wasn't sure if he wanted Gun to cook for him. Didn't want to chance it.

He could imagine Gun stabbing the chicken friend steak with a cigarette butt. Xander scowled.

"What's the matter?" Joey wanted to know.

"Just my imagination." He looked up once more at the girl, Gun had been kissing. She was in the back booth. When she turned her head, he couldn't help to think of Hanna.

Xander hadn't meant to stare, but he couldn't help it. Of course, Gun always said he had no idea who Hanna was. He didn't remember her.

Xander felt so cold. His teeth began chatter. He went for the vegetable soup and asked Max if he could make some fresh coffee.

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cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

Xander definitely just took a small trip down memory lane - and it wasn't pleasant.