Friday, January 8, 2016

on the mend

on the mend

Holden thought it was going to be the worst Christmas ever..and then Luna showed up.

Maybe it was all that drama surrounding the ice and the snow on Christmas eve.

Lord knows, he never wanted to drive again. Yes, the flashback of the horrible accident he was in, came rushing back like a relapse.

His car had spun out of control. During all that horrific motion, across six lanes of traffic, Holden knew he needed to make some changes in his life before it was too late. Of course, he prayed a lot too, in those three minutes.

Thankfully, it was Luna who showed up at the hospital. His father wasn't getting out in this kind of winter weather. After all, he was getting over the flu and now his step-mom had it too.

Why did he think this Christmas could be any different? He'd gotten a Christmas card from his mother with money. She'd moved out to California, and wasn't as religious as she used to be. She said he should come visit.

It felt a little to late for that. She hadn't been there for him when he'd had his last car accident in high school. They weren't on speaking terms then. She was still mad at him about the girl who slept over that time when he was still living at home.

Now a part of him felt just as distant from his father. It was so formal around his dad and his new family. He'd felt like a guest there, too.

When Luna found him, it felt so meant to be.

It felt very real now, who he had been holding out for all this time, and she just so happened to be his step-sister. But they hadn't exactly told their parents yet.

At least, it sounded like the family thing to do. Luna up and moving to Kansas City to a better University. She could live with Holden, and of course, take care of him while he was on the mend with a broken arm.


cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

Oh, I do hope things work out for them all!


Launna said...

I am glad Luna and Holden have each other ...