Sunday, February 28, 2016

on a tangent

on a tangent

It had been on Henry's mind, since the very beginning. Well, when he found out Josie was pregnant.

The Onesie. It didn't take him long to come up with a pattern when he heard the news  about a baby girl. He took an old T-shirt and made one. But it wasn't quite right. So he did another and so on. Until he got it the right weight and fit, like one from the Dollar store. He hoped it would fit.

Finally, he had something to do, besides worrying about the epilepsy. So he started sewing. A lot.

"Why don't you make curtains, or something." Josie thought he was making too much, even if she said early on, that he was on to something.

"You, want curtains? Where?" He'd taken care of that, a while ago.

"Its can go crazy, doing this stuff." She looked at him as if he needed to slow down.

"You know, its kind of like you and those hats, you crochet. You, won't stop, because you're afraid you'll forget the pattern." He looked at her as if she should be happy he'd found a way to recycle and create.

"OK. I said that, but..I..I don't want you to burn out..on this." She told him she wished she was good at sewing, like he was. After all, he'd sewn up most of her maternity clothes. Although, she'd complained, he was trying to dress her up like a little girl.

Sometimes, there just couldn't be anything done right. Maybe this thing with her mother wasn't entirely her mother's fault, but he would never mention it. He'd keep busy with the DIY project.

"You, need to take a break." She unplugged the sewing machine. For a moment, he thought he might lose it.

"OK." What did this mean?

She sighed as she took his hand and found the Dr. Seuss book in the livingroom. She got him situated on the couch with her.

"Read. Read to the baby." She instructed.

"Oh." How could he forget? He'd told her long ago, he'd do this everyday. Better late than never.


Launna said...

Awe, I adore Henry and Josie together... I like how she worries about him and how he wants to make her happy ♡

cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

So sweet - I love it!