Sunday, March 6, 2016

slipping out

slipping out

"Why didn't you, come to the door?" Sometimes, Chelsea could make him so aggravated.

"What?" She was just in Joey's flannel shirt.

"Xander was here." He was so perturbed with her. "Why didn't you come? When I called."

She tilted her head with a sly smirk and then jammed an orange slice in his mouth.

"I don't have to do everything you say." She laughed and then she tickled his abs which lead to a chase around the couch. They tortured each other with finger stabs. Until they plopped on the couch and the game was over.

"I really don't know why I put up with you." Joey found the remote then and turned to a channel which was a wrestling match.

"Is this even new?" She snarled. She swore that was Andre the Giant.

"Who's Andre the Giant?" He practically winked with a scowl.

"You don't know, who Andre the Giant is?" She looked at him as if he were quite pathetic, but she went back to watching the wrestling match.

It was calm. Except for the wrestling match.

"What did Xander want?" Chelsea asked.

"I dunno." Joey shrugged.

"You, should have asked."

"Maybe I didn't want too." His voice was dull as if he was tired of her insistent questions.

"Maybe playing hard to get, isn't the way to go." She looked at him before she picked at her black painted nails.

" should shut up." But he wasn't serious. Evidently, neither was she because she kissed him.

Something about Joey

Ducky couldn't exactly say he was jealous, but he wished Xander wouldn't worry so much about this guy, Joey.

He'd made a casserole. It was practically hamburger helper, but at least he could cook at Xander's.

He was waiting for Xander to make some bread with him. Yes, he's always wanted to make homemade dinner rolls from mash potatoes. He had the dough ready. Except, Ducky needed Xander here.

Finally, he arrived, and it wasn't long until they were fighting with the dough on the kitchen counter.

"So..what did he say?" Ducky hoped he wasn't prying. He could see Xander was a little restless.

"Nothing." Xander barely got out. It seemed he was content at rolling out the dough. "He had someone over."

"Really?" Ducky sighed and went to check on the meal in the oven. " did you meet her?" He just assumed Xander found out Joey was probably one of those guys. Always needing someone of the female persuasion Maybe it was just an extended one night stand.

"No." Xander. "I didn't..really..want too." He sighed as he looked at the laid out floured dough.

"Hmmm.." Ducky pressed his lips to a thin line, as if not to give too much expression away. "Its funny, you never met her. Did he ever show you a picture of her. His girlfriend?"

"What?" Xander winced.

Ducky shrugged. "Maybe..maybe he's making it up. He just wants to..I dunno..make you jealous?"

"Make me jealous?" Xander winced hard.

"I dunno." He guessed it was silly to think, but then Ducky remembered, as he started to cut the dough with a jelly glass. He nursed his bottom lip, thinking he didn't want to start anything with his assumptions. Still, he wanted to be honest with Xander.

"Over the summer, well..Joey, came to the Emergency room." Ducky began.

"What happened?" Xander looked at him, as if he wanted to know.

"Oh, you know..just beat up."


"It wasn't that bad." Ducky told him. "Its just, afterwards...I started to wonder if maybe..he'd beat himself up, on purpose."

"Did..did you say, anything?" Xander wanted more information.

Ducky shook his head, no. Honestly, he hadn't meant to start anything. But what if all this was in Joey's head.

"So he has a girlfriend?" Ducky shrugged.

Xander, nodded, as if she had to be real. She had to be.


cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

Joey sounds a bit sketchy to me.


ivy said...

This is getting interesting. Just not sure who to believe.

Lorna said...

That's interesting, both different characters, wouldn't know who to trust either, but tickle fights are always good!

Raindrops of Sapphire

Sara-h Jane said...

Not sure about Joey.