Thursday, April 21, 2016

out there somewhere

out there somewhere

Omaha really did feel like he was out of his element. Even at Taylor's, who was so determined to get him on the right track.

1. he was never ever to speak to Tiffany again.

2. if he saved up the next three months, he was sure to be able to afford his own place.

Meanwhile, this meant sleeping on Taylor's couch. And he wasn't so sure if his back could take it. Then, the whole issue of being in a suit. He'd never had to be on his best behavior as much, as he was now. And he didn't know if he could take it, any longer.

Being the only guy in the office of secretaries, didn't help much, either. Once he got to his desk in the morning, he stayed put until five after five, usually.

"You, can go on a break." Finally, a co-worker came forth with an apple.

"What?" He looked at her puzzled as if he needed to be here to man the phones.

"Come on, we're having birthday cake." He didn't think it was a good idea to eat in public. He hadn't yet. Just one more thing they could find funny.

"Do... you ever eat lunch?" She wanted to know as he followed down a hallway he hadn't been down, since the first day when they showed him around. "By the way, my name is Sheena."

Omaha, almost smirked, thinking of some late night B rated movie he'd watched long ago, as they shook hands.

Omaha, did his best to keep his wits about him.

"Is your name really, Omaha?" Sheena asked.

"Really." He just slightly nodded. It wasn't long until the birthday party and then the birthday girl arrived, who looked like she might be retiring.

Omaha did his best to play his part. However, he watched the time. He didn't want to be away from his desk, too long.


cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

Looks like Omaha's got an admirer!


Launna said...

I hope Omaha starts feeling more comfortable and how nice that someone seems to like him here ...