Friday, April 15, 2016

Q & A with Max

Nobody knows, nobody knows

Recently, Max took some questions from LETS KISS magazine.

KISS: So what was your first girlfriend like?

MAX: Um, what? I'm not a celebrity, you know? (He's  a little standoffish, talking about his personal life. After all, he's a young father who is tending to his little one in a stroller at the mall, but he takes the fussy baby and holds her) Well, (he winces) I was pretty shy, growing up. My mom worked in housekeeping, and well, I was by myself a lot, and I didn't know that many people. It wasn't until I moved in with my Dad's family..I guess..uh, and SHE asked me out. And she kind of scared me. (He smiles then). Uh, her name was Josie. (He chuckles now) Maybe, she was just different with me. She was bossy.

KISS: It didn't last, I take it?

MAX: No. (he smiles) I guess she was just using me, to get to someone else, but then I met someone who could help me with math and language..and we became really good friends. I guess, it was one of those things, that grew into a relationship after, awhile. But she was my best friend. And I think we are still friends. Its just. I dunno, maybe I thought I..was..I was going to hold her back, because..well, she's far smarter than me. Even if my brother tells me I'm the smartest. (Max sighs almost teary eyed)  Anyway, I was Daisy's boyfriend..for I dunno, probably longer than I thought I would be. And you know, its high school, and well things can change in a heart beat. (he shrugs) She was not happy. (He nurses his bottom lip. Then presses his lips tight)

KISS: And did you find Happiness?

MAX: (he has a laugh caught in his throat) What is it? They say? Love isn't love, until you let it go. I think I will always LOVE Daisy, no matter what. I mean, after all..I let her go once.

KISS: Did you ever love anyone else?

MAX: I thought I did. (He bites bottom lip, in thought) I mean, I was on a mission of some kind (he smiles) when I met Sara. I wanted to be the best boyfriend, possible. And it was..of course, high school. I just followed her lead. I did, just about everything she said. And yet, something..seemed to be missing. Like, maybe I started feeling like I did when Josie suddenly needed a boyfriend. It was a lot to handle. And things were going on with my Dad. I dunno, maybe if..if I hadn't thought so much about my Dad, I would have never gotten back with Daisy. But who knows, it might have been something else..if it wasn't that. But Daisy was there, as this person I could talk too. So, I dunno..if I ever really had that with Sara. (His smile is even, as if he is now in the right place). Sara..she was just one of those people, that you know, everything is going to be fine, if you let everything go her way. And then..when I didn' was a nightmare. (he nodded) Anyway, Daisy and I have Mandy now.

KISS: How bad did things get with Sara?

MAX: I guess it wasn't THAT SCARY. (He sighs) But she did slash my tires and went kind of crazy. When we broke up.I mean, she didn't actually hurt me. But I was worried, you know. What if..if she hurts Daisy. (He nurses his bottom lip and again, and blows a breath. He sits Mandy up, who looks around, ever so curiously. He then softly laughs) I mean, (He squints with a grit) I know, it was some time ago. And..well,...NOW... Daisy ends up with Sara in Chicago, on this Internship. (he shakes his head.) I know, I shouldn't be worried, but I am. (Max scratches the back of his head and sighs. Tells the reporter, he's done talking and not to use any of this information in their article about ENDURING RELATIONSHIPS).

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I have to say, this Q&A made me like Max more. :)