Monday, April 11, 2016

two can play at this game

two can play at this game

Omaha thought Brick would never stop asking so many questions. Finally, he reached for DOOM and put on a video game for them to play.

Of course, Brick beat him, ever so swiftly.

"Its..just been..along time..OK." Omaha was quick to point out that he'd last played this about a decade ago.

"You, don't have video games?" Brick was serious.

"No. I sold all my games." He wasn't going to tell him why. "I just..thought they were boring." This was not true, but he had to do it, out of survival. He'd sold his gaming system too. Back then, he worked so much..he was actually, too tired to play.

Of course, the thrill of Doom lasted a whole whopping 45 minutes.

"Next." Brick just said.

"Are you serious?" Omaha really hoped Tiffany didn't make this a Sunday thing.

"Color a picture." He looked around and found the Transformers coloring book and a box a crayons. Maybe it would calm them both down to color.

"Do you live by yourself?" Brick wanted to know. Omaha only nodded.

"Is it scary to live there?" Brick told him it was an abandoned building. "What if they demolish it?"

"They won't." He swelled a frown.

"Are you homeless?"

A lump lodged in Omaha's throat. He didn't want to talk about it. His stomach growled.

"Lets go eat." He slapped the coloring book shut.

"Hey, I wasn't done." Brick shot him a look.

"Does it really matter?" Omaha shot him a look back. "Lets go."

He wasn't listening, anymore. They got bundled up in there jackets and caps, just to feel the warm spring sun, shining so sweetly. Only a faint hint of winter remained and it wasn't far to the diner. They didn't even have to cross the street.

But, when Omaha got there, he noticed no one was there he knew. Not even that waiter that Taylor was chummy, with. No, there was some lean curly haired fellow talking to this little girl, who was cleaning tables.

Omaha plopped in the back booth. Brick sat across from him, who kept looking at the girl who was clearing tables.

"Do you think she's older than me?" He wanted to know.

Omaha looked back at the girl. She was tall. Taller than Brick. "I dunno. How old are you?"

"Ten." He said he was almost 11.

"You're probably the same age, then." Omaha yawned. "Girls are always taller, at that age."

"What if..I never get tall?" Brick asked as the waiter finally brought menus and some water.

"Is your Dad tall?" Omaha knew what he wanted, a cheese burger with the works..and onion rings.

"I dunno. Haven't seen him for awhile." Brick shrugged.

He asked if he could have a chocolate milk shake.

"Sure, but you have to eat at least three bites of your burger." Omaha told.

"What do you mean? You, don't think I'll eat my burger?"

"I dunno." Omaha's eyes lit. "Will you?"

Brick went to drinking his water as if it were his shake.

"Can..can we ask my Dad to come?" Brick's questions were getting pretty specific.

"I don't know your Dad's number." Omaha shrugged as if he'd play this game, all night long if he had, too.

"I got it." Brick pulled out his Tracphone. He punched in the contact. Damn, Brick was on the phone with his dad.

Omaha knew now, he could not win. What was the name of this game, anyway?


cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

Omaha's in a strange situation. I hope that he can help Brick.


Launna said...

Brick is a smarty... Omaha will learn ...