Friday, April 29, 2016

want not waste not

like a sad song

Slater had given it a lot of thought. Suppose, the karate school never opened? He wasn't brave enough to call Josh out on it. Oh, he wanted to be a believer.

"I just think we need jobs to keep the rent." At least, Slater got on at the mega grocery store thanks to Irma(before she left for Omaha), who got Holden to put in a good word for him at the Lawrence location. Of course, it was just produce, but when there was an opening in the Meat Department that paid a whole lot more...Slater took it.

"It won't be forever." Or at least he kept telling himself. Yet, he started dreaming that he wanted a future with Jess.

But he'd learned his lesson, early on..she didn't want a guy who could bring over steaks to grill. Eventually, one thing lead to another. And he knew..he had to marry that girl.

"I dunno what to say." Josh was still holding out for that dream.

"No wonder, Tina left you!" Slater lashed out, but even one poke with his index finger, Josh caved in.

Slater hadn't meant to hurt him.

Next thing he knew Josh was bawling his eyes out.

He was homesick. Josh knew he should be sending home money, but he barely had enough to get by on.

Slater knew he could be living with Jess by now, but he wanted to be able to find a place of his own.

And here his friend was..crumbling.

Slater hoped Jess was saying a prayer for Josh and lighting a candle too. He'd pray too, hoping there was something golden in this dream of Josh's.


Launna said...

I hope things get better for Josh, I also don't think Slater should wait to long to live his life... maybe with Jess as he wants ...

cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

My heart is breaking for Josh right now. :(