Sunday, May 29, 2016

Dustin and Macy

I can't find your silver lining

Dustin supposed there is this thing called time. Sure, he felt he'd been in a rut for a good long while. And then he got a letter in the mail. He'd been accepted to come to the states.

Honestly, he'd given up on the idea of it happening, so long ago. Actually, when he first heard from Macy(while he was with Halie)..he'd actually signed up, not even really thinking it was a good idea.

Yet, he longed to be somewhere else than stuck in the dorm he was in, and with the worst roommate ever.

Yeah, he should have gotten out of that situation long ago. He was sure his studies had suffered. There was also the Macy situation that had left him raw and beat, too. Not sure what would be next.

Then came the letter of acceptance. Naturally, he went to Macy. Surly, it was too late. Still he begged her to come with him.

Didn't she want to go home?

Still full of guilt, he didn't want to leave her behind. Even if Molly and Archie promised to keep in touch with her. It didn't seem enough.

"You know, I'm going to Nebraska." He'd told Macy weeks ago. "We could go together." But it didn't perk her up, any.  Maybe it would have been different if Maxie hadn't been there at the bakery, Although,  she didn't look that happy, to Dustin.

But then again, Dusty could be wrong. Evidently, he was wrong about a lot of things in his life. However, his mom was happy with her new husband and new baby. It was time for him to go. And he guessed he would go alone.

There were no ties to really keep him here. And he didn't really yearn to see Halie, either. Although, he couldn't say the same about Alec. Yes, he'd missed holding that baby. Watching him grow.

He still fondly remembered those days of holding and caring for him when Alec was an infant. Now he was certain Alec wouldn't know him. But he wouldn't bother with them. Dustin needed to be on his own.

Yet, even when he got to the airport, he felt something was missing. And he couldn't help to feel sad.

Dustin thought he might break down before he ever got through the check point. But then Macy showed up, it was the best surprise. She was going with him. Dustin only smiled. He didn't dare question it. Moving forward was the only thing on his mind. It was time to leave the past behind.


cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

Cheers to new adventures!


Launna said...

Awe, I am glad that Macy decided to show up...