Thursday, May 12, 2016

just the beginning

and then

Oh, Josie thought she was in her own storm. And the bed was shaking.

Of course, it didn't help her back, feel much better. She could barely lift herself up on her elbows.

That's when she knew something was wrong with Henry.

But she was in a sweat. The old Tee she wore stuck to her perspiration and her hair was wet. For a second, she wonder what was really wrong. But her body moved slow as she moved to turn on the lamp.

Henry was thrashing in the sheets.

She blinked, thinking what to do.

She reached for her phone. Henry would be upset with her if she called an ambulance. But then again, maybe they could go together, as she held on to her stomach.

Finally she called Xander.

"Is Ducky there?" She knew she shouldn't ask for a housecall, but they were beating at the door before she could get an answer.

Of course, she was half dressed, as she let them in.

It was if Ducky knew it was Henry. He went to him.

"Are you OK?" Xander grabbed her by the shoulders.

"Well.." Her right eye was twitching. And her lower back made her grit. Next thing she knew she was throwing up on his shoes.


cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

Oh, I hope the two of them are okay!


Launna said...

Oh no, I want Josie and Henry to be okay...