Tuesday, May 31, 2016

just a little bit

don't make me mad

Carly and Jen were happy to see the baby. Well, Caitlin's baby. They'd showered her with gifts on her arrival home.

Still Caitlin looked at them as if they were not her friends. They could never be her friends.

She didn't like how close they were. After all, Jen had been her best friend.

"Maybe, we could watch him, when..when you two want to go out?" Carly was much too friendly. Caitlin couldn't help to give her a soured look.

"My mother will do it." Caitlin informed them, as if they were never to touch baby Logan, who was after all, slumbering on his back, now in his bassinet.

"But..but even she'll get tired." Jen mentioned about Carly's little niece. They all took turns with her. "My mom, can't do it all. And neither can you."

Caitlin shot her a look as if Jen said a bad word.

About then Jesse chimed in. "These two just want to help."

Caitlin sighed and tried not to feel so bitter. Was she jealous of Carly? BUT were they the ones who wanted Caitlin's life?

Carly got out a gift bag of goodies for Jesse. She'd made homemade chocolate chip brittle.

"Can't forget about you." She smiled.

There were some coupons from the fast food place where she worked and some energy drinks, too.

"See, even Jesse doesn't think were all so bad." Carly put one arm around Jesse and the other around Jen.

Caitlin glared at them. Evidently, Carly and Jen weren't going anywhere.

just a little bit

"Maybe, I came on too strong." Carly said later when they left Caitlin, Jesse and the sleeping baby. Both were shocked, how much the infant slept. They both held him and he didn't wake once. Although, when she almost put her index finger on his chest before they left, he snatched it... as if he'd been playing possum, all along.

"No, you didn't..how can you, say that?" Jen's eyes lit. "After all, who is going on a dance scholarship in the fall?"

Carly was hoping Jen would forget about that. Carly worked really hard to earn it. And they'd both been helping out at the Dance Academy too. But the fact remained, she wanted to be more than a dance teacher.

"She isn't very fond of lesbians." Carly sighed as she went to make sure everything was cleaned up in Jen's kitchen before her mom came home. They'd been in a rush to get to Caitlin's. "Evidently, we scare her."

Jen frowned as if she hated Caitlin's attitude.

"Look, if you ask me..you can't change her. Don't even try." Carly wished Jen wouldn't dwell on Caitlin. "You have to see, she is who she is. And she might always stay a little mad at you. But you can't let it upset you."

"I'm not upset." Jen went to dry a dish.

Carly shook her head, no and smiled. She kissed her on the cheek. Sometimes, she was certain Jen was as stubborn as Caitlin.


cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

I wish Carly would just focus on the future - she has such an incredible opportunity ahead of her!


Launna said...

I wish Caitlin would stop being jealous or odd and accept some help...