Sunday, May 1, 2016

on repeat

that awkward moment

Lottie couldn't believe her luck. Oh, she didn't want to find herself thinking about...Bear.

But, she'd spent the day with him.

Of course, she went over and over it, in her head. How did it happen?

She'd gotten off work thirty minutes early. It wasn't quite lunch and Frankie was in class.

There Bear was. Waiting for her, evidently.

Lottie kept reminding herself, even now..nothing major had actually happened.

It started as a walk, on a beautiful day. The sky was so blue, and all those majestic puffy clouds. No way was it going to rain.

"We should take a drive?" He smiled, and she let him lead the way.  It wasn't everyday. one could spend the day with a Scotsman.

No, she wasn't nervous at all.

He said he liked to camp, so they went to the river. After awhile, Lottie couldn't tell if they were in Nebraska or Iowa. Weren't their bridges to tell her? Oh, she didn't know. Everything was just so fun.

His laugh. That look in his serious eyes. Yes, she'd gone on an adventure with Bear. They'd gone nowhere in particular.

Except now, she felt so guilty. Especially, around Frankie.

But nothing really happened with Bear. Lottie kept telling herself, but the more she thought of him...

Lottie was feeling blue.

"Are you coming down with something?" Frankie asked during their usual walk to the cafeteria, after they got off at the Campus Book Store.

"I'm fine." She insisted. But the more he questioned her, the more she became furious with Frankie. Why did he have to ask so many questions?


cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

I wish Lottie didn't have so much guilt hanging over her.


Launna said...

I think Lottie should just say how she's feeling ...