Saturday, May 14, 2016

sweet revelations

Sweet revelations

Josie was content when Henry found his way to her. Thankfully, she was the only one in a hospital gown. And the contractions finally stopped.

They watched the baby, practically on live television. Their baby girl was going to have a nice head of hair. Both were in awe of the baby, inside Josie.

"She'll probably be seven pounds by next week." The technician explained.

Both were in shock over the news. Was this baby coming early?

"It could." The doctor told them when he got to the sonogram room. At least, it was good news about Josie's blood pressure. Still, they'd put in an IV, since she was dehydrated.

A part of Josie was elated. There was part of her troubled, thinking they weren't even near ready for the baby. Yet, she couldn't help to be sleepy. Henry was here, and as angry as she was about these drug companies, not being there for Henry's medication..she wanted to sleep now.

But they were soon met with Henry's mother, as well as Josie's mother. Everyone wanted to see the baby on the screen.

Josie smiled as Henry squeezed her hand. All was right with the world. At least for today.

Carson and Teddy

Carson thought it was best to be upfront with Theo's father, Teddy. After all, they worked together. Kind of. Still, it felt foolish to mention that he was married to Brittany.

"Its..just, you know, if..if you'd rather-" Honestly, Carson didn't know how to start the conversation about accepting full responsibility for Theo. They were all hanging out at the department's favorite pizza place. Most were getting ready to go back to work after a late lunch.

Teddy was deep in thought, as he looked Carson over.

"I'm not giving up my son." He told him he'd always pay child support.

"Then, you, should see Theo." Carson shrugged.

"I want too..but..." Teddy shook his head. "It would just be starting trouble at home." He looked as if it pained him, to bring it up.

Carson wondered what he could do. "I don't know, if it would do any good. But maybe, you and your wife could come to dinner. You know, she could you miss Theo, and that, you're not getting back together with Brittany."

"I dunno." Theo still sounded as if it might be tragic.

"If..if you don't want to go there, then just.. you come, and see him." Carson told him. "But it would be good if..if we can try to get this.. to work. Somehow."

Carson felt a sense of ache in his heart. He'd been through this conversation, before.. about his daughter Katherine. He knew he'd have to make an effort too. In his own situation. As it was, work and everyday stuff got in the way. Yes, he knew a little..of what Teddy was going through.


cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

I'm so happy for Josie and Henry. I do hope that everything goes smoothly with the baby from here on out!


Launna said...

I am soooo thrilled about Josie and Henry... how sweet they can see their daughter is doing well... I hope she has a smooth and easy delivery ...