Tuesday, June 28, 2016

I don't mind waiting

I don't mind waiting

Gabby was waiting for Will at the art museum. It was early yet. Will, had had a rough night with his allergies. She'd caught a ride with Rico who was pretty single minded, lately. She guessed. It never occurred to him to pick up Will.

He was Mr. Silent, these days. She didn't know if it had to do with his sister Macy or his girlfriend Lizzy. Maybe it was Rita, aka his stepmom and Gabby's foster mom.

Gabby was staying quite too. Maybe if she'd spoke up sooner about the ride, Will would be here, but his Dad was going to drop him off.

Suddenly, she heard laughter echo through the marble corridor. She looked up to see her, rather earthy art teacher....and Macy.

She winced.

This wasn't suppose to be happening. Gabby sighed. OK, she knew she'd never actually have him. A lot like indie pop-star Callum Cade, but she could dream. True, she shouldn't have been thinking about guys when there was trustworthy Will.


What was Macy doing with Mr. Drake.

"Gabby? You're here early?" Mr. Drake's smile was open.

"Oh, I dunno..just had to get away. You know." She never actually did any of that stuff he said. Like, sketch some famous art painting. As if..she could learn from that. No, she liked her comic book characters.

This was all so old. Even the old building that housed all these paintings smelled a little strange to her.

"Can I look at your sketchbook?" He asked as he and Macy came forward.

She hugged it close to her as she glared at Macy.

Mr. Drake introduced them. Gabby slightly gave a nod.

She didn't want to hate Macy, but she couldn't help it. After all, didn't Macy hate her? Gabby lived in Macy's room now.

Luckily, Will finally showed. He put his arm around Gabby, who's smile was quick. Maybe Mr. Drake would talk to Will now.


cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

I do wish she would give Macy a chance.


Launna said...

It is too bad that Gabby doesn't like Macy...