Wednesday, June 22, 2016

not quite so funny

not quite so funny

Macy couldn't explain what she'd exactly seen when Josie's water broke. It was nature, she supposed.

"It was so scary." She didn't want to tell them that she practically freaked. All the while, she was trying to keep Josie calm. Macy sighed as she sat at the dinner table with Charlie, Barry, Lily and Lily's father Draco.

"We were on the bus when it happened with Lily." Draco said out of the blue.

Lily smiled as if this was the first time she'd heard of it.

"That, mother of yours." He pointed with his fork. "She didn't want to go to the hospital."

Charlie said they should eat, not discuss Lily's birth, but Draco went on to tell the whole thing, how Lily was born on a city bus, in front of everyone.

"She's has'm real easy," Draco cracked a smile and then looked at Barry. "Just, thought you should know."

Charlie rolled her eyes at that. Barry's silly but pleasant smile, almost had Macy in stitches. No one could eat their meatballs now.

"Oh, he can't help to be 10 year old, don't let that look of mystery of his, deceive you." Charlie said later about Draco when they were cleaning up.

Macy supposed she was expecting a thug of some sort with a name like Draco, but he was pretty much Lily's date.

Macy guessed she'd said enough about her first day at the Campus Coffee shop. She rinsed dishes and stashed them into the dishwasher.

Charlie went to show Barry something in their vegetable garden.

The hum of dishwasher was new and different. She'd never had one growing up.

Macy was thinking about checking her phone. She didn't really have anyone to call, but there was an art community she liked being connected too. Possibly, it was more fashion savy than anything, but still an outlet to play around with graphics.

Lily traipsed into the kitchen with her Dad, not far behind. She did like to hold his hand and parade him around as if he was her's and no one else's.

Macy thought this must be about ice cream. She knew Barry brought some home.

"Show my dad your pictures." Lily's demand was ever so endearing.

"What?" Macy couldn't think Lily would know she brought her drawing books.

"She does sketches. Maybe they're nudes." Lily informed her dad.


"No? That they're not nudes-" Draco smiled.

"It's.. it's old stuff. Its really..really old..and so immature."

Lily told Macy about her Dad helping out at the museum on Saturday mornings with the children's art program.

"I started out volunteering, but I work part-time in the afternoons now." He said he liked art.

"HE IS AN ARTIST!" Lily proclaimed. "Did you see what he did to my room?"

Macy shook her head, no.

She'd rather look at his art than for him to take a peek at some old art notebooks of hers, which had traveled to England and back.


cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

I wish Macy had more confidence in her work.


Launna said...

Macy needs to believe in herself more... I suppose we all do...