Wednesday, June 8, 2016

what is it about Macy

Something about Macy

As soon as Charlie found out Macy was back and all her troubles, she wanted her to move in with them.

"We can't just let her stay with her friend Chandler." She was so mad at Macy's mother. "Why is this happening?"

Barry kept his eye on the newspaper while she paced the livingroom. It was a sunny day. They were suppose to be getting ready to go to the zoo with Scott and Essie, Katherine's first trip to the zoo, and Draco was going to meet them with Lily.

Now she felt she was in the middle of a thunderstorm with Macy's predicament.

"We have to help her?" Charlie was almost on the verge of tears.

Barry looked up at her, with a sigh.

"Where can we keep her?" He told her the house wasn't that big. Besides, he needed his office and Lily needed her own room.

"The basement."

"What?" He looked at her blankly. "Have you been down there, lately?"

"Yes, I wash clothes, everyday." She reminded him. And she'd done some cleaning.

Barry nursed his bottom lip.

"I dunno. The laundry room looks kind of scary and the floor is cement." He just couldn't see it being livable.

"And the walls are white. I put shelves up and put all those cans of paint and other leftover stuff in the shed out back." She told him.

"You did?" He winced.

She gave him a look that he wasn't going to win this one. No matter what.

"All right." He got up then as if he'd have to see this for himself.

"Lets get ready for the zoo." She caught him in a hug. "Macy can spend a couple of days with Chandler. We'll get the room ready and everything will be fine." She smiled.


cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

I do hope she's right. :/


Launna said...

It's sweet that she wants to help xox