Sunday, July 3, 2016

coming home

coming home

Henry was afraid he wouldn't get any sleep, the first night at the house. In fact, he planned to stay up all night, just letting the baby sleep on him. He made himself at home in the rocker. Although, there was a room for Allie, everyone was in the bedroom.

"I can't sleep if you're up with her." He thought he heard Josie say, but she turned over and went back to sleep.

He smiled. More alone time with Allie. He was still in awe of her precious beauty, even if she barely opened her eyes from time to time.

She was a miracle.

Everything was a miracle. He was beginning to think. He hadn't asked for a house. He really hadn't.

Again, his dad came through for him. Why had he ever been mad at his dad? Over the years, he knew he'd been upset with his Dad for not being home. After all, his Dad spent more time on the road as a salesman. He'd always thought his parents should get a divorce. When did they ever see each other? Of course, his dad was semi-retired now.

Henry was grateful for his family, after-all. He could only hope he could do as much for his own daughter.

Henry knew his dad certainly wasn't giving him the house. There would be all sorts of bills to pay. Luckily, they were renting from his Dad.

"Oh..I've been so lucky." He whispered to Allie. And he was so thankful, to have this chance with Allie.

Soon enough he put the tiny infant in the bassinet on Josie's side of the bed. The two night lights were on. Honestly, he liked it when it was pitch black. Only... things were different now. He could actually fall asleep while sitting up.

He shook the sleep and got into bed. Henry wrapped his arms around Josie, who hardly flinched. Yes, they could sleep through the Fourth. Not even the firecrackers could wake them.