Wednesday, July 13, 2016



Keith didn't get very far with Angie.

After all, the searching and asking, that took weeks on in, to find out more about Angie, it turned out... to be a dead end.

It was complicated. He wouldn't dare explain it to Angie's brother.

Why in the world would he show up at her house, during the 10 o'clock news?

He guess it was a good question, and Keith didn't know the answer.

What could he say? He thought he'd found another Syreeta.

See, nobody knew how much he hated being fangirled.

Sure, it was all a rush when he was on stage, and to hear afterwards how some of these girls..and guys spent a whole summer following his indie band around. They weren't even big time. Just local shows in the tri-state area.

It was all fine and dandy, but Keith didn't want to be adored, He didn't want to know those screaming fans, taking selfies like a fake life..that didn't really exist.

Syreeta had been on his mind since he'd been back. Keith usually helped his aunt out, during the summer at the farmer's market.

He thought back, how he'd met Syreeta. Possibly, he wasn't much different from those fangirls he couldn't be bothered with.

Honestly, he hadn't meant to stalk, anyone. Was that, what he was doing?

Angie didn't come down from her room and Keith soon left, just to walk the streets. He was having car troubles, as it was.

Maybe this should be the year he found a real job.

Still, in that romantic heart of his...he could tell Angie was special. He felt kind of sad for her.

It could have been a lot like last summer. He smiled briefly, looking up to the moon.

OK, different girl..but..whatever.

Summer nights were lonely around here. But he was getting older. Damn, if those music festivals didn't get addictive. Still, he could feel his mother's words consume him, even if he didn't want to dwell.

"Go back to school. Find a real career. Stop bumming off me."

Keith sighed. Maybe this summer would be different.


Launna said...

Maybe Keith should go back to school, he could still sing part time...

cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

I do hope Keith can make some positive changes in his life!