Sunday, July 17, 2016

sorting it out

sorting it out

"She actually used the word TEST TUBE BABY?" Taylor shook his head as he went back to the omelette he was making. It would be another late night for Sara at work. "Who uses that word, anymore?"

Omaha shrugged with a tiny frown, as if he didn't want to say another word of it.

"You do like her?" He watched Omaha set the table.

"Whats there not to like?" Omaha finally admitted.

Taylor felt bad that he hadn't listened to his friend and roommate more. It was like another world when Sara got back. He hadn't meant to leave Omaha out. It seemed best to do things with Sara. Omaha was hardly around.

"So, you're spending a lot of time with her?"

"I guess." Omaha was practically a bump on a log. No way, could he get much out of him.

"So is, you know, a relationship now?" Taylor winced.

A laugh got caught in Omaha's throat.

Taylor chuckled.

"Oh, I know, how you can move in mysterious ways." Taylor's sheepish grin gave way as he pointed the spatula at him. He'd seen it with his own eyes. Well, that was years ago with some other girl, in public.

Omaha winced hard and shook his head no, as if he was shaking a bad vibe from the past. "Its not like that."

"Alright..all right..all right, sorry I brought it up." Taylor went back to the skillet where supper was warming. Maybe he was thinking of his own life with Sara. It was true, they did need each other.

He pressed his lips tight. He sure hoped Omaha wasn't listening to his love life, late at night.


Launna said...

Taylor's cute hoping Omaha isn't hearing him at night...

cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

I'm glad Omaha has someone to talk to about everything.