Friday, July 15, 2016

won't it be romantic

won't it be romantic

"Did he get down on one knee, when he asked you?" Josie's question caught Xander by surprise. Besides, he was holding the baby and she was sleeping so beautifully. Xander thought he might want one too.

"No." Xander didn't know how to explain it. But, he'd said yes. He wanted to be Ducky's husband. "But, he ..we..decided. And I think his mom knew and even my mom knew."

"What about your step-mom? Do they know?" Josie questioned him as if a warning siren might go off.

"What does it matter?" He tilted his head as if he didn't want to talk about it, but it felt like he was trapped. He couldn't make a move with a slipping baby in his arms.

"You know, she feels left out." Josie reminded him. "You, have to include her."

"But..but she's with my dad..and the less I have to talk to him..well, he..he wants it that way." Suddenly, his throat felt parched. Why did she bring them up?

"She's the one who helped you get here, in the first place." Her frown was small, but her words were powerful.

Suddenly, it was as if Allie knew he was tense, before he knew it she was rooting into his chest.

Xander sighed with a smile. His time was up with Allie.

"I think she wants you." He was ready to give her back to Josie.

It was true, the house was much more a home than the apartment.

Suddenly, he knew he probably wasn't cut out to be a dad, anyway. It was better just to watch.

Still, he could see Josie was a little clumsy with the baby. She pushed a pacifier into her mouth, but it popped out.

Xander knew it was time for him to go. Allie wanted the real deal.

Xander got the impression that maybe Allie wasn't a bottle baby. Still he watched Josie hold the baby. He was glad Josie and Henry had their own home now. Maybe, he'd have a home soon too.


cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

Xander deserves so many good things to come his way!


Launna said...

I hope Xander finds happiness and trusts that it can happen... I think Josie will get the hang of it with Allie, it takes a little time ...