Monday, August 29, 2016

its a whole new world

It's a whole new world

"Remember, Effy.. you were the one who said you wanted to experience the Uni." Smed pressed his lips tight as he gave his sister the eye, as he did his best to take her loaded luggage to her dorm room. Naturally, she was in a huff, and she didn't have half the load he was bringing up the six flights of stairs.

He hadn't seen her in ages, but she was here now. He knew he'd have to make time for her.

"Did I say anything?" She could be just as brutal. Still, she was his baby sister. They kept going, even if his muscles weren't up for this challenge. After all, he was an artist, and he helped out with two year olds at a preschool. However, Effy didn't notice how tired he was. Maybe it was good that his skinny sister wasn't all that athletic, after all. Yet, they both prevailed as they pushed and pulled the bags of luggage up the stairwell. They were almost there.

And then, out of no where, some skinny dark-eyed boy appeared at the top of the stairwell.

"Oh." He barely said and went to help them.

Honestly, Smed wasn't expecting help. Maybe there were more nice people in the world than he expected.

The young man wanted to know where they were going.

Smed could barely get out the room number. Before he knew it, his startled little sister was talking to him as if she'd picked out what she needed to start the fall semester. A boy.

The newcomer smiled all over.

Smed stared at both of them. Were they stuck in the stairwell now? Smed had never fallen so hard for anyone.

Oh, the smiles. This scrawny Jamie carried up the load that Smed had managed from the bottom of the steps.

Smed waited while Effy went on with her load.

"Aren't you coming?" She wanted to know.

Smed, thought she'd forgotten he was even here. He sighed, ever so heavily and took a bag from her, but he let her carry the rest. She was the one who wanted to live in the dorm, after all.


Launna said...

Maybe Smed won't mind living in the dorm after all...

cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

I do hope Smed can adjust.