Friday, August 5, 2016



"What did he say?" Ducky thought Xander looked physically ill. What could go wrong now? The wedding was in a few days. The honeymoon was planned to Ventura Beach. They would leave right after the wedding. "Is he coming to the wedding, or not?"

Ducky took both of Xander's hands and drew him near.

"Doubt it." Xander was straight lipped. Still, Ducky kept wondering if his significant other was fighting a migraine.  "He..he wants me to go on a trip with him."

"A trip? What the-"

"I told him it would have to wait." Xander went on to say and Ducky went to get him a cold bottle of water, at least.

"So you told him.. you were getting married?"

Xander shook his head, no and plopped down on the sofa.

"He ..wants..He wants me to meet my real mother's family." Xander craddled the bottle of water as if he might hold it for comfort.

Ducky shook his head and plopped down next to him. He leaned his head on Xander's shoulder and sighed.

"Why..why does it always have to be this way?" Ducky's face tensed as he reminded Xander how they had to wait until his little brother could get here before they could have the wedding. "What if his plane gets delayed? Then what?"

Ducky sighed, thinking they were cutting it close.

"You know, you'd want your brother here." Xander shrugged.

Ducky was in a pout.

"Not really, I don't like all." Maybe he was being selfish, but he knew if they weren't siblings, he would have never wanted to know someone with such an ego. "I can hardly stand him."

Ducky guessed they were in the same boat. It was hard to be happy, especially with a family like their's.


cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

Family can be tough to tolerate sometimes. :/


Launna said...

Family can be the most difficult aspect of a relationship ...