Saturday, September 17, 2016

bending the rules

bending the rules

Draco was about to leave the coffee shop. Of course, Smed didn't have time to talk much. He needed to get to work. Actually, it felt as if it were now closing time at the coffee shop. Maybe they'd spent more time talking about art projects than he realized.

He looked up to see Macy, cleaning tables.

"Long time, no see," he said. "How, you been?"

He doubted she'd look at him. She was sometimes, hard to figure out. Of course, he hadn't really thought of figuring her out. There was a lot going on these days in his life.

"All right." She shrugged. Her voice was barely above a whisper.

Draco only nodded.

"Oh." He realized she might not know, unless Charlie told her. "I got on at the University." At least, it was paying him enough to get his own place. "I'm working in the Art Department."

"Oh, that's great." She smiled at him happily and took a seat across from him.

"About time, I guess." He cracked a smile. It felt good to see her smile. "I've missed a few Friday night dinners lately, haven't I?"

"Well, they've been so busy with the wedding and all.." She shrugged.

"But Lily." He looked at her blankly. "I call her and all." He was a bit proplexed about his situation with his daughter. "Guess, we'll have to start date night, or something."

"She'd probably like that." Macy told him.

"And..and you could come, too." He smiled.

"Oh..I dunno."

"Seriously, Lily would not mind a bit." Draco wouldn't dare tell Macy that his daughter wanted them to date.


cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

I do hope that things work out between them!


Launna said...

This is cute, I hope Macy gives him a chance...