Wednesday, September 14, 2016

in the long line of things

in the long line of things

Macy felt ever so jittery, even if she hadn't had any caffeine this morning. Who was that girl? Dustin was seeing someone? Well, Macy couldn't see it. That was so out of his nature.

He was just so..timid. Yes, that's what she remembered. As if he was over thinking everything, and definitely about to make the wrong move. So..he never really made a move.

Macy sighed and got back to taking the orders and getting them done, the best she could. At least the easy tasks.

Still, Dustin was on her mind. SHE HOPED SHE DIDN'T SEE HIM. He was the last person she wanted to see. She'd done her best to stay away from where she used to work. She had no intentions of running into Gage, either. That would the worst. More so, than bumping into Dustin.

Macy gritted a smile, trying to act as if she cared about each and every order, when all along, she couldn't wait to fall back into bed. It wasn't even quite lunch, yet.

She looked up and there was Smed. Sure, he would act like he didn't know her. Why was he this way? Maybe, she was in a rut. She kept meeting the same guy over and over. Well, Maxie was the opposite of any of them. Some days, he could very well be quiet with vacant eyes as if he had time for no one. And then..

She sighed.

"Can I take your order?" She got back to business. Smed ordered for two. One a latte and the other, just black.

Macy nodded. She could act as if she didn't know him, either. Macy sucked in a breath. It was so annoying. Why couldn't he at least smile? Say hello.

It didn't happen. She put what he wanted on a tray and put pushed it toward him. His 'thank you' was so small. She barely heard it. He shuffled off to a vacant table. Finally, college kids were finally thinning out.  Still there were orders to take.

She looked over to see Draco sitting with Smed. Macy couldn't help but fester a frown. When did he get here? Oh, how she hated being ignored. Although, someone needed her attention. They wanted a frappacino.


cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

I wish Macy could find her own happiness.


Launna said...

Macy needs to stop hiding... dealing with it would be better...