Tuesday, September 20, 2016

no truce here

no truce here

Halie drew a blank at Holly's question. Who did this girl think she was?

Halie only sighed and took the lemonade.

"He's really funny." Holly's lips curved up as if she knew a personal secret that Halie didn't know. Halie watched Holly sip her lemonade.

"I suppose." However, this wasn't funny, at all. Having to put up with this girl that Dustin brought here. Would his mother approve? "So do you know his mum?"

"Mum?" Now Holly looked as if this whole conversation was a lost cause.

"She's really quite particular." Halie pressed her lips tight as if maybe she could cause a little friction, still.

"How so?" Holly wanted to know. Her shoulders were so bare in the little sundress she wore.

"Well, she would tell you to cover up, for starters." Halie shrugged.

"But..but I thought she married a Frenchman, and you know, how the frenchies are?" Holly's eyes were so big, yet not overly concerned.

It was quiet, as each took a sip of their cold drink.

"I haven't had a bra ...um..since the time I got a trainer." Holly shrugged then. Obviously, Dusty..as she called him, didn't mind.

"Well, it'll be a whole new world if you go back with him." Halie decided.

"What if..we don't go back?" Holly looked at her as if they didn't have to take that road.

Halie hated to be put to the test. Although, it wouldn't have mattered who Dustin brought to dinner. Halie would hate who ever they were.


Launna said...

Halie should be happy for Dustin ...

cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

I do wish Halie would change her attitude. :/