Thursday, September 22, 2016

What about Macy?

What about Macy?

Charlie was ready to call Macy's mom. However, Barry took the phone from her.

"That won't help. You know, how Macy gets when you bring up her mom." Barry's eyes were so big and serious.

"But..but she won't talk to me." Charlie put her phone back where she could reach it while she was cooking. "Maybe..maybe its this whole wedding thing. She's just not..herself..lately."

Charlie had noticed. Macy was being really messy. Macy always had clean clothes to wear, but not lately. "I don't know why..she won't tell me..what's going on."

Of course, the wedding was on Charlie's mind, a lot lately. She and Barry were having a wedding at the park. They would be married under a tree and then have a potluck. Something so simple was starting to make her forget her own schedule. There were so many things, still to do.

"Oh, God..I forgot all about going to the zoo with Lily and Brick." Charlie couldn't believe she'd had a memory lapse.

"Who's Brick?" Barry wanted to know, as he was seeing to the stir-fry that Charlie had barely got going.

"Remember Tiffay? Who used to work at the grocery store?" Charlie reminded him. "She has a son, a little older than Lily."

"Oh." Barry was so good at acting like he remembered, but she had her doubts. Soon, Charlie was back with her phone.

"Who are you calling now?" Barry wanted to know as he pushed the vegetables around in the hot sizzling pan.

"Maybe Draco can find out what's up with Macy." Charlie hoped he could help.


cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

I wish Macy wouldn't be so secretive - she has a lot of people worried now. :/

Launna said...

Macy needs to try to trust a few people, it will help her feel better ...