Monday, October 24, 2016

about that Homecoming date

about the homecoming date

Cho didn't think his mother knew. Maybe she was dense that way. Or, she didn't want to talk about it.

But going with Rosco to homecoming was a date.

Yes, they decided on it. Wasn't anyone's business, but their own.
Still, Rosco was down with it a lot more, than maybe Cho.

But it was Cho who had the driver's license.

Funny, when he thought about it now. Maybe..maybe Rosco was too young for him. After all, Cho was a senior and Rosco was barely a sophomore.

It didn't make him nervous then, but it did now.

Of course, Rosco told Cho, he needed to loosen up.

It wasn't until the Homecoming dance that Cho realized Rosco knew a whole lot more about physical relationships than he did. And it scared him.

1. Cho only danced to the fast songs. Even so, Rosco was a show stopper on the floor. It was so unnerving. Cho stood on the gym floor, barely moving while Rosco took the rest of it to show off his sliding and get down moves. After all, people were watching.
2. Rosco was hugger, a feeler, and a kisser too. Cho didn't know.
3. His sister wanted to know what was going on. She was at the dance with her boyfriend. Of course, they hardly danced. Perhaps, she was spying on Rosco and Cho.

Oh, the humiliation. Cho felt as if he was walking on thin ice. He didn't know if he was strong enough to handle Rosco.

"Well..maybe..maybe we ..should..should just be friends." Cho decided a week later. It was enough stress, keeping his sister underwraps, on the whole Rosco thing.

"What?" Rosco was shocked. Maybe full of dismay. "You, said you wanted too!"

"I..want to..but.." Now Cho was a ball of nerves. "Its just..its..its all a little scary." Cho nursed his bottom lip. But he couldn't help to imagine Rosco's lips on his. They cut liked a knife. In fact, he thought he'd busted his lip that night.

"Scary!" He would have to screech so, in the hall at school. Rosco looked as if he was going to use his fist on Cho's angelic face.

Cho closed his eyes tight. Where had it went so wrong? He thought he could spend a life time with his best friend. But it was all going so fast. He didn't mean to hurt Rosco's feelings.

When Rosco kissed him this time, it was a gentle surprise. Maybe he wasn't a tiger in a cage, after all.


cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

I do hope they can sort their feelings out!


Liza said...

This is really cute! And I didn't expect that, but it seems fairly reasonable that they have feelings for each other. This should be a really interesting story, especially with all the other people involved..
Can you tell me again who Cho's sister is?!

ellie said...

Cho's sister is Ivy, who is dating Randy. Actually, Randy suspected that Cho always had a crush on him, but he never spoke of it.