Saturday, October 22, 2016

Minnie and Blackie

Minnie & Blackie

Sheena looked at the time on her phone. How long were they going to be at Blackie and Minnie's place? It wasn't far from the zoo. Actually, it was on the premise.

How had this happened? She had to ask, three hours later while they were still at the old house and Minnie was chopping away with a meat clever. How long did it take to make a stirfry?

Blackie would talk a little about the animals he tended too. He was on staff as an animal doctor. Then he'd walk away, as if he had something to check on the bedroom.

Ever so often Minnie would speak in a language that didn't make any sense to Sheena.

" she Native American?" Sheena mouthed to Omaha, who shot her a look that he didn't know and he wasn't going to dare ask.

When the food arrived it was hot, or was it the flavor that was so hot? Sheena couldn't decide. But it was so spicy.

Minnie asked if Sheena worked. She nodded. Still, Minnie sounded as if she was on something, maybe drunk, but they hadn't offered them anything alcoholic. Yet, Minnie was so expressive. Sheena was afraid to laugh. What if Minnie took it all the wrong way?

"Isn't she cute? So cute?" Minnie pinched Sheena's cheek while she ate.  Sheena tried to go on with her meal. Omaha looked at his cousin's wife, as if she better not touch him. Still, Omaha ate like he hadn't had anything quite so tasty in his life.

Finally, Minnie put a slice of meat in a leafy green and fed her husband before he could say, no. She smiled as if she alone could only take care of this man. No way, could Sheena learn this in one night, to do for Omaha. Minnie pushed a leaf, full of meat into Omaha's mouth.

He looked at Sheena, as if he couldn't help it.


cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

Minnie is a piece of work!


Liza said...

This sounds like such an awkward situation.. I am sure interested to find out what this is all about.. if they ever will find out themselves..?!
Really pretty set as well!!