Saturday, November 12, 2016

a friend of a friend

a friend of a friend

"I don't even know if they had a funeral for him." Macy's words were troubling. Josie wasn't sure she was very good with this sort of thing.

After all, she'd been.... in a bit of a fright herself, with Henry. His thumb on his left hand kept wiggling.

At first she thought he was seeing things. Then she noticed. And it was not creepy cool.

"Oh you think its Parkinson's?" He'd Googled some information which lead to another article to read then another. It couldn't be that bad.

Maybe he was a hypochondriac, after all. He was so stressed. Then she was stressed. There was a day or two she expected the worst, but then he finally went in, just to find out it was carpal tunnel. Josie knew this wasn't the time to talk such nonsense with Macy. After all, it was one little adventure after another with Henry. She guessed that's what made their life worth living.

Now she wished she could say something nice about Maxie, but she'd never met him, little alone..she'd never seen a picture of him.

Josie looked over at Draco. She'd never found him all that friendly, but that was when she was with Sky (she knew Sky wasn't fond of him). He seemed different now.

Was affectionate, the word, Josie was looking for? Possibly. Draco seemed rather attentive. Of course, he acted as if he'd just met Josie.

Josie went to make tea. Henry was busy with the baby. She sighed ever so bitterly, at the kitchen counter.

"What's the matter now?" He'd bathed the baby in the kitchen sink. She was in sleeper, and smelled of baby oil.

"Nothing." But she didn't have anything good to say, either. "Macy's here with...that Draco."

"Oh." Henry held the baby where she could watch what Josie was doing. "Guess, we better entertain them." His smile was open. Allie looked at Josie with big dark eyes. Drool always got the best of anything Allie wore.

Josie couldn't help, but scowl. Oh, it was so hard to be a convincing friend, some times.

Naturally, Draco took to the baby and Henry started talking to him about Draco's artwork on display at the library.

Josie sucked in a breath.

"How are you feeling?" She asked Macy as she set down the tray of tea and cookies on the coffee table. "Are you sure... you can go through, with this pregnancy?" She felt like a robot saying these things to her new friend. All the while, Josie wondered if Macy was relying on Draco, too much.

"I think so." Of course, Macy looked as lost as she ever did. This with Maxie, had left her very subdued.

"Do you want some of my tops? Do you need clothes to wear?" Josie might have bought only one maternity top. Many of her clothes she wore during her pregnancy were old things of her mother's. She doubted her mother wanted them back.

Macy shrugged, but Josie lead the way to her hall closet and pulled out a box of clothes Josie said she didn't miss the pregnancy wardrobe, yet perhaps she did.

She watched Macy finger through the graphic tees. There was the old gray sweater. Josie didn't remember putting it in with the clothes. Henry must have done that.

Josie snatched it back. It was her favorite sweater. So comfortable. She remembered her mother wearing it. "Sorry, my grandmother made this. My mom wouldn't want me, giving it away."

Macy nodded as if she understood.

"Take the box, with you." Josie wasn't sure she could manage to get it back in the hall closet.

"OK." Macy's smile was quaint. "Thanks."

Josie held on to the sweater. Yes, she did feel bad for Macy, but she wasn't all alone. And maybe, just maybe Josie would actually get to know Draco. Henry seemed to enjoy talking to him.

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